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Creation of semantic connections between elements. The index cards now serve as the rough structure for the concept map. On a large sheet of paper, the designer begins to draw circles to illustrate the entities, and lines connecting the circles to one another in order to illustrate relationships between elements.

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Participants in the study read two different kinds of essays –

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Identify insights in the gathered data. The designer will begin to identify insights in the data that has been gathered by combining an observation (I saw this) with knowledge (I know this). They can then write the insights on yellow note cards. As an example, perhaps the designer observed someone brushing their teeth and noticed that the individual avoided using the mouthwash that was sitting next to the sink. The designer might recall his own last visit to the dentist. An insight could then be developed—that mouthwash has an implicit connection of taste and smell with going to the dentist, which taints the product in a negative light. Of course, this insight could be completely wrong, and that's perfectly acceptable.

Follow the steps below while writing a synthesis essay.

By combining an insight with a design pattern, the designer is forced to examine and consider each unique insight. Methodically, the designer must think about each facet of the design problem that has been deemed useful or important. The method is then divergent, as it actively produces new ideas. Ideas are "moved forward" in a nonlinear fashion, jumping over the expected in order to arrive at the unexpected.

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Extrapolate design implications. The reframed design context will have produced new constraints or implications, or will have highlighted existing constraints and implications that may have been otherwise hidden or overlooked.

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Synthesis essays appear to be a bit difficult to write as combining of the summaries from two or more sources should be logical and have at least some meaning in it. The whole idea behind the synthesis essay is to present the ideas gathered from multiple sources in one single source in a coherent and easily recognizable manner. Students must have the ability to assimilate as much information as possible for writing the synthesis essay. In addition to assimilatory powers, students must be able to recall all they have assimilated and they should also have that much organizational ability so that the recalled information is put in a coherent and organized way.

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Perform an insight combination by pairing a design pattern with an insight and looking for affinities. Now, the designer begins to combine insights and design patterns to create design ideas by mingling the blue and yellow notes, moving them around physically and actively reflecting on potential combinations. When a combination makes sense and generates a design idea, the idea is written on a green note. Combining the insight (mouthwash has an implicit connection of taste and smell with going to the dentist, which taints the product in a negative light) and the pattern (the trend in consumer goods—kitchen soap, gum—to introduce new artificial flavors and smells like amaretto and butterscotch) yields a new design idea: produce a mouthwash that has a new flavor, one that doesn't have properties normally associated with the dentist's office.