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And then I think of the flimsy recycled pulp on which I first read these cantos, without the festive initials. I cannot help but feel that my first encounter of this poem was a pale simulacrum of the one I found in the Watkinson. The bombast with which The Cantos are presented here creates an occasion for a very different aesthetic experience with the poem. It is not a poem to be dipped into between train stops or waiting for a kettle on the boil. It is not a poem to be stuffed into a jacket pocket or tossed into a tote. One has to make time to be in the presence of it: maybe light a few candles, set some flowers in a vase, or rub fragrant oils on wrists. It is the occasion for a conjuring or a communing with the past.

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all the qualities of our common, and of our uncommon humanity–persistence in the pursuit of a desired object; ingenuity in the device of plans for its attainment; self-possession and self-command that can long keep a cherished purpose unrevealed; a deep, instinctive faith in God; a patience under hardship and hope deferred, which never dies; and, withal, a joyousness which, like a life-preserver, bears one above the dark waves of unparalleled trouble.

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May addresses the contested moral underpinnings of slavery and reinforces the importance of faith and a strong relationship with God among slaves.

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Reflection – Rev. Bridget Spain

Sunday 29 May 2011
Sermon– Madeline Stringer – The Meaning of Worship
Childrens Story – Sheila Powers – A Hindu story about a mouse, a lizard and cat and an owl
Reflection – Madeline Stringer and Sheila Powers – Easier to pay homage to prophets

Sunday 29th October 2017Sermon – Rev. Bridget Spain

Sunday 5 June 2011
Sermon– Rev. Bridget Spain – Bring all that you are
Childrens Story – Rev. Bridget Spain – A man who went on holidays
Reflection – Rev. Bridget Spain – God of the Ordinary Life

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Sunday 12 June 2011
Sermon– Rev. Mark Shiels – The Way of The Sunflower
Reflection – Rev. Mark Shiels – May we be mindful

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Thomas Eliot's paternal grandfather, William Greenleaf Eliot, had.

Sunday 6 March 2011
Sermon–Josh Johnston – A Church without Music
Childrens Story–Keith Troughton – A story from Germany – Four Animals
Reflection –George McCaw – Help us to come sometimes in gratitude

Rep. Robert Nardolillo III says funds will go to mental health services and student counseling.

morning poem sunday analysis Wallace stevens essays.

Sunday July 2010
Sermon –Pamela McCarthy – Abandon Reason
Childrens Story –About an Explorer
Reflection –Moment of Reflection – May we affirm the grace of all creation

"My mom is a teacher. Every day I fear she could be the next victim," tweets the Mississippi native

Sunday 31st December 2017 Service of Favourite Readings & Music

Sunday 22 May 2011
Sermon– Rev. Sam Peden (Moderator, Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland) – Faith, Hope, Love
Reflection – Rev. Sam Peden- Special Moments