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I think college is not a waste of time. im dropping out because i am just tired of school. I really wanted to join the army after high school but my mother was pressuring me to go to school. I wanted to make her happy, but i am not happy. Thats why i am dropping out. I will go back as after a year or so. But like i said before, college is not a waste of time, when you are ready to go.

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There are students who drop out because they feel it is in their best interest. They may have a child to care for or a pregnancy they do not want others to know about. They may have taken on another lifestyle they feel does not have time for high school. In many cases, students are feeling somewhat discouraged to stay in school because they feel it is not necessary. Others feel they are content being able to earn a few bucks an hour working at a local store or business. There are students have a hard time trying to visual the bigger picture about why it is important to stay in high school.

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While students are encouraged to stay in school, dropping out is not the end of the world. There are successful people that have gone back to school to earn their diploma. There are online classes available that make it easier for students to earn their diploma. Others feel students are still gambling their future when they do not take the time to get their education. A large number of students are too consumed with making money, getting material things, and trying to be like a celebrity. They may feel high school is not a big deal or it will not help them get to where they want to be.

Basically, that is why I feel that many other students drop out of highschool/college: too much shit from teachers. =)
over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone

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I’ve dropped out of a four year school and am currently attending a two year school and not doing so well. Having graduated high school with Physics, Astronomy, and three semesters of Calculus in the bag, I would say I have to strongly agree with the first three of these eleven reasons (the list at the top of the page, in case you’ve forgotten by now). I think college can become especially challenging for people who are as socially inept as I am, which is in turn compounded by the massive load of an overly ambitious course schedule. College can be extremely beneficial to job marketability, so I highly recommend attending and at least attempting a degree, but I also have to point out that it can become a very painful challenge for certain individuals and the amount of stress should not be made light of by those who have already conquered the system (I’m talking about you Corey, whose number 71 at this time).

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Having a high school diploma is considered a necessity if you expect to go to college or get a job. But, because so many people have been able to get by without having a diploma, more students feel like there is no reason to keep going to school every day. Of course, there are other reasons why students drop out such as avoiding peer pressure, learning difficulties, violence, and simply not wanting to go to school when they feel it is pointless. While there are programs designed to encourage students to stay in school, there still may be lack of understanding as to why students drop out in the first place.

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I attended a four year school about 15 years ago and shortly afterwards tranferred to a votech school due to money and problems I had with the 4 year school. To be honest if I could have done it over I probably would have gone to the votech directly and saved myself a lot of time and headache (and money) but don’t interpret this as saying that a 2 year school is better vs a 4 year school. Not all schools are created equal and quite a few of them are crappy to be honest. The 4 year I went to in SD was a pile of junk despite it being highly rated and beloved by the community in general (I suppose if you haven’t gotten out in the world you might think this college is the greatest thing since sliced bread.) and I had a lot of issues with the professors and staff at the college basically being jerkoffs and the school being an overpriced daycare, to make a long story short. The 2 year school had better staff and was overall better relative to the previous school but still wasn’t great (I actually took a couple more classes at this votech a few years later and the school has noticibly dropped in its quality). I’ll admit that my study habits weren’t the best in college and I wish that my high school did a better job of informing me of what to expect in college…oh, and combine that with family problems and just a crappy community in general (schools in SD are bad to begin with).