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To achieve my career goals, I need to learn much more about current developments and techniques in finance, financial markets and financial applications and acquire hands-on experience of financial analysis.

This Statement of Purpose was written by a successful JET applicant

This Statement of Purpose was written by a JET applicant who was granted an interview

This Statement of Purpose was written by a successful JET applicant

There are three broad reasons why I would like to participate in the JET program which also encompass my career goals. The first consideration is that all of my university studies were structured around internationalist issues with the aim of eventually working overseas, more specifically within the Pacific Rim area. My studies in California were also undertaken with this goal in mind, along with my travels throughout the Pacific. I would particularly like to teach and have applied to undertake a graduate diploma in Education with TESOL as a my major. However I consider the JET program offers a much better window of opportunity in this regard...

This was a successful Statement of Purpose written by a JET applicant

"A JET applicant messaged me to tell me that this webpage is telling applicants to disregard the Statement of Purpose's strict 2 page requirement as stated on the JET Program USA website and instead abide by a 800-1000 word guideline instead. After reviewing it myself, I see that this is indeed the case. Please do not advocate that applicants should break any of the parameters that have been set by the JET Program. The two-page limit is absolute; anything beyond that will be ignored by the reviewers. Given how many applications we receive, it is important that all applicants follow the rules and do not try to take an unfair advantage over their peers. Doing so may actually hurt their chances. I appreciate that you have built a webpage to try to encourage JET applicants, but please do not try to undermine the guidelines that they need to follow. If the official websites say that something is required, then it is required."

This Statement of Purpose was written by an unsuccessful JET applicant

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In addition, the experience gained while marketing Darwin Bug Traps or while studying the marketing strategy of Tastee Ice-cream and advanced level qualifications in French have developed good interpersonal and communication skills.

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program of HU because of its outstanding faculty and research facilities, emphasis on a collaborative learning environment, flexibility in curriculum, study abroad opportunity and a global perspective to various key issues.

This Statement of Purpose was written by an unsuccessful JET applicant

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My interest in Japan and Japanese language developed when I lived in Switzerland during middle school, where I had a Japanese friend who taught me a few Japanese words (cold, warm, etc.). When my family moved back to the US my parents chose where we lived based on whether or not the local high school offered Japanese. I am very interested in foreign languages, but after four years of studying Japanese it has become my favorite, and my current goal is to become a Japanese-English translator / interpreter...


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Language. It is a sign of who we are and where we come from. As language defines us, so does it unite us, but it can also impose barriers that drive us apart. As our society aggressively pursues globalization, individuals who maintain cultural sensitivity and strive for effective communication despite language barriers will be an increasingly important commodity; individuals who can also pass the gift of adept communication to others will be invaluable...


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Strong quantitative skills, familiarity with computer applications and experience gained while working on various school projects have helped me to develop sharp analytical abilities and have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems on a macro level.