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Il Penseroso shows Fanny in a conservatory surrounded by exotic plants and owes a clear debt to Tissot, as does a yet undiscovered work from 1876: the reviewer of the Yorkshire Post went so far as to state A Question of Color 'might have been conceived and painted by Tissot'.

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Van Gogh painted his iconic The Starry Night in 1889, while in an asylum in Saint-Rémy

Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork ‘Starry Night’ Essay

In 1872 the House of Commons commissioned him to paint four views of the Roundhay Estate, in consideration of the Leeds Corporation Improvement Bill that proposed to turn this estate into a Public Park.

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Twilight was painted only two years after Grimshaw's great Pre-Raphaelite painting 'Ghyll Beck, Barden, Yorkshire, Early Spring' (private collection) and the contemporary 'Whitby Harbour By Moonlight' (private collection) his first night time scene.

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Theo referred to these pictorial elements in a letter to Vincent dated 22 October 1889: "I clearly sense what preoccupies you in the new canvases like the village in the moonlight [The Starry Night] or the mountains, but I feel that the search for style takes away the real sentiment of things. " Vincent responded in early November, "Despite what you say in your previous letter, that the search for style often harms other qualities, the fact is that I feel myself greatly driven to seek style, if you like, but I mean by that a more manly and more deliberate drawing. If that will make me more like Bernard or Gauguin, I can't do anything about it. But am inclined to believe that in the long run you'd get used to it. " And later in the same letter, he wrote, "I know very well that the studies drawn with long, sinuous lines from the last consignment weren't what they ought to become, however I dare urge you to believe that in landscapes one will continue to mass things by means of a drawing style that seeks to express the entanglement of the masses. "

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The move to the coast inspired much of the artist's most attractive work, as throughout his career he was always attracted by ships, the sea, and docks, in fact all things maritime.John Atkinson Grimshaw is best known for his powerfully atmospheric paintings of twilight, night-time, and autumnal scenes, and his pictures in the Scarborough Art Gallery reflect this.

In this paper, we will focus on examining Vincent’s painting, Starry Night.

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Its subject is the harbor flare, lit to guide ships back to port on stormy nights, between which and the spume of the wave to the right the animated figures appear as staffage.

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The romantic in Grimshaw responded readily to such surroundings; his own fascination with poetry and legend can be seen in the naming of his children after characters from Tennyson's Idylls of the King.The desire to conjure up a wistful nostalgia for the past seems to be the motivating force in paintings such as 'Sixty Years Ago'.

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A further interior 'A Chorale' was painted at Grimshaw's 'Castle-by-the -sea' in Scarborough, where he rented a house for the sake of his children's health.Knostrop, its gardens and surrounding countryside, were to supply Grimshaw with constant inspiration, and he was to devote much time and energy to beautifying the house.