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Inevitably, the character of Count Dooku was just as conducive as Palpatine to the evolution of the Star Wars story and the World War II allegory. Dooku represented Josef Stalin and his "codename" was derived from the Georgian word for steel, . The Russian word for steel is . Marshal Stalin's real name was Dzhugashvili and he was born in Soviet Georgia. The dual honorific titles are significant. On pages 47 through 49 of Matthew Stover's novelization of , Dooku was characterized as the symbol of the Confederacy (U.S.S.R. and communism). He was obsessed with establishing a New Order throughout the galaxy and was the nemesis of the Republic's economic and societal corruption. While presenting a paternally affable facade in public, he was actually a venal, jealous, spiteful, possessive, intractable and arrogant man. He was also so paranoid of any threats, he routinely and ruthlessly eliminated them as a matter of course whether they were true threats or simply figments of his imagination.


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So let me start out by thanking everyone for liking and spreading the original post - I'm truly floored by how well-received the post was. Considering I wrote a nearly 5,000-word essay on Star Wars, I'm pretty amazed that it was only a handful of times someone told me I was a loser neckbeard who needs to move out of my parents' basement and get a girlfriend (I'm married with a kid by the way). People only called for my public execution a couple times. On the internet, that's the equivalent of winning an Oscar, so thanks everyone!

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In all seriousness, I've had thousands of people tell me I "fixed" Star Wars and made the saga more enjoyable for them. I think this is an unnatural amount of praise - after all, I'm just a guy who watched some movies in the wrong order and skipped one, then wrote down why. I didn't create fanedits or anything truly difficult like that. But at the same time, the reason I published the post in the first place was that I felt Machete Order "fixed" Star Wars for me personally, allowing me to use the relevant parts of the Prequels to make Return of the Jedi a better movie, so it's really awesome that so many other people felt similarly. All joking aside, thank you.

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