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Yes. Jay's legendary wipeout took place on December 19, 1994 when he was just sixteen. . On that day, the sets that rose from the chilly 50-degree water were pushing twenty feet. Jay went straight to the peak and began paddling for a wave. When he got to his feet, the winds held him at the lip of the gigantic wave. That moment was captured by photographer Bob Barbour, later appearing on the cover of the May 1995 issue of Surfer Magazine (). Jay then quickly found himself falling 30-40 feet toward the ocean floor. As the wave began to crash down, Jay disappeared. After being held under for more than twenty seconds (but not over 3 minutes like in the movie), Jay emerged unscathed. The same couldn't be said for his surfboard, which had been broken in half. After the photo was published along with the story, Jay became an instant hero to surfers around the world. Ironically, you'll notice that on the front of that same issue of Surfer Magazine, the headline at the very top acknowledges the death of professional surfer Mark Foo, who died at Mavericks just four days after Jay's wipeout.

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Ethan was raised as a missionary kid in Spain, Ecuador, and Colombia and studied at 17 different schools. He’s worked as a teacher, curriculum writer, voice actor, grant writer, theater director, motivational speaker, community organizer, and truck driver (true story). He is also a certified Myers-Briggs® specialist.

Yes. The real Kim met Jay when she was 17 and he was 15.

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I learn so much about the writer. I learn (in order, by paragraph) that she:

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Yes. Like in the Chasing Mavericks movie, the true story confirms that the real Jay Moriarity's father, Doug, was absent for most of his childhood. As in the movie, his father worked in the military, serving as an Airborne Ranger. Jay was born in Augusta, Georgia but moved to the Pleasure Point area of Santa Cruz when he was eight. Following his parents' separation, he took to the ocean to help deal with a difficult family life, eventually meeting his mentor Rick "Frosty" Hesson.

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At the time of Jay Moriarity's legendary wipeout at Mavericks, his mentor, Frosty Hesson, had been surfing the spot for seven years. -Making Mavericks

(That, along with her 2300 SAT and perfect grades. Plus she was first-generation. #BTW.)

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Finally, I love shelves. They organize many different items under a unified structure and I find value in this kind of integrated diversity. And I love them as a metaphor: there is a place for everything, including even the quirkiest of our traits. That’s why no one should feel left out no matter how strange or odd they might think they are.

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No. The real Frosty Hesson had worked with dozens and dozens of young people, teaching them both about becoming great surfers and great people too. Despite agreeing to teach Jay how to surf, like in the movie, Frosty did not train just anyone for Mavericks. " -Making Mavericks