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New sports stadiums usually create jobs. Though many stadiums simply replace older facilities in another part of town, employment is usually increased at new facilities since new elaborate stadiums tend to require more staff, and prove to be more successful at increasing net expenditures originating from outside the immediate geographic area. These new expenditures minimally increase direct employment, such as stadium and franchise staff, but can significantly boost indirect employment serving neighboring shops, hotels, restaurants, and transportation. The specific local and regional job multipliers related to new stadium are highly contested, though it is clear that new stadiums tend to successfully attract spending from those outside of the region and create some new local employment. Proponents argue that as long as no better job-creation strategy is in place, these new jobs are well worth subsidizing.

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It has been argued that through the regional and national television broadcasts of sporting events, cities are become marketed to potential tourists and investors. Supporters assert that stadiums built in the 1990s such as Oriole Park at Camden Yard (Baltimore) and Jacobs Field (Cleveland) have served as proven gateways of redevelopment for their respective cities and that the tourism produced by these new ballparks has transformed both their image and capability of attracting new investment.

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Cleveland is a case study in the economic theory of modern sports ownership: Socialization of costs, privatization of profits. It is a formula that has been used elsewhere. — a conservative contender for the Republican Party presidential nomination who has proposed slashing state funding for the University Wisconsin by $300 million — wants to fork over $250 million in taxpayer funds to build a new arena for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. The team has threatened to relocate if it does not get a new home by 2017. Super wealthy wants one of the government entities in the Washington metro area — the District of Columbia, Virginia, or Maryland — to fund a new stadium for his NFL team, even though FedEx Field is only seventeen years old. (Snyder may have a hard sell, but not for economic reasons. Rather, his aversion to changing the team’s racist name may complicate public funding for a new stadium).

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The public has largely bought into the idea of public subsidy for sports stadiums as an economic development tool. In turn, politicians have been eager to facilitate this expenditure. When politicians help develop sports stadiums, constituents tend to believe that real progress is being made within their cities and that their elected official are ‘making things happen' to generate economic growth. The question of whether this growth is real and whether it is in the best interest of the public to subsidize this growth has matured into a significant point of contention. It is important to understand the arguments of both the supporters and opponents of these subsidies in order to define whether or not these subsidies are an appropriate allocation of public funds.

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As power has shifted from cities to teams, franchises have embarked upon more elaborate, expensive, and profitable facilities. They offer amenities such as luxury suites, themed entertainment, lounges, and restaurants, making sporting events attractive to broader range of attendants. Cities are now expected to pay for an increasing portion of stadium costs. If they aren't willing to contribute this share, franchises threaten to relocate to the many communities that are prepared to make these contributions.

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No two cities or sites are the same. That being the case, it is critical to realize that the stadium being proposed in any given community will undoubtedly produce a different set of results than any case study that will influence your decision-making. In negotiating whether or not to subsidize construction of a new stadium, it is important to consider whether or not the proposed stadium is sited and designed in a fashion that integrates the interest of the team, the neighbors, and the city at large. It is also important to ask whether or not this facility might be able to share in some of the infrastructure costs that the city might be ready to spend on projects, and how expenditures on stadium subsidies might integrate with other public interests. With these issues properly addressed, one will be better equipped at deciding whether or not subsidizing sports stadium construction in your locale fits within the greater interests of the constituents at play.