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When filling out any standardized forms for your application it's helpful you write out your answers on a separate sheet of paper first. You may even want to type them up and read them through, editing where you see fit. This takes the pressure off having to write concise yet clear answers in a confined space. Writing it out beforehand will give you something to work from.

See Examples and Observations below. Also see:

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Carl Haber is a screenwriter, director and producer with numerouscredits in film, theater and TV. He has written stories and screenplaysfor Hollywood movies and independent films, as well as original motionpictures and TV movies in Italy, the Czech Republic, and Brazil. Hefounded and led a workshop in Rome for professional actors, and taughtdirecting, production and acting at the Prague Film School in the CzechRepublic, where he supervised nearly 1,000 student scripts and films andserved as faculty chair. A member of the Writers’ Guild of America since1988, a Philadelphia native, and a Penn alumnus, Carl Haber is currentlydeveloping several new feature films based on scripts he wrote, inEurope and the US, including projects to shoot in Philadelphia.

Put the sentences from paragraph 2 of Example 2 in order.

Bruce Graham is a playwright whose plays include, and. was the winner of the Rosenthal Prize and opened onLondon's West End starring Ben Cross. His one man show was recently revived for a thirdrun. Two new plays, (Arden Theatre) and (Theatre Exile) opened in January '07. Feature filmcredits include and and hiscredits continue with the T.V. movies, (2003Humanitas Award Winner - Best Children's Teleplay), and . He has also written for the television programs and . He is also the author (with co-writer Michele Volansky) of, which was recently published byHeinemann. Graham has received grants from the Pew Foundation, theRockefeller Foundation and was a recipient of the Princess GraceFoundation Statuette Award. He currently teaches playwriting and filmcourses at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. Grahamlives in Media, Pennsylvania, with Stephanie and their daughter,Kendall.

The structure of the argumentative essay is held together by the following.

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Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz is the author of five books of poetry: and . She is also theauthor of the non-fiction book, , which named as one of five Notable Books on ExploringPoetry in 2008. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cristin moved to NewYork City at the age of 17. At age 19, she founded the three-timeNational Poetry Slam championship poetry series NYC-Urbana, which isstill held weekly at the NYC's famed Bowery Poetry Club. Her work hasbeen published in and ,among others. She has lectured and performed throughout the U.S. andAustralia, including the Sydney Opera House in Australia (2003), Joe'sPub in New York City (2002), the Largo Theatre in Los Angeles (2010) andover 100 universities and colleges. Cristin is using her ArtsEdgeresidency to write a book on the life and times of Thomas Dent Mutter,founder of Philadelphia's (in)famous Mutter Museum, and will be teachinga course on non-fiction poetry and prose in the Spring semester. Formore information, please visit her website at:

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Marc Lapadula graduated cum laude from the Univ. of Pa. in 1983. Hestudied Irish and English Drama at Exeter College, Oxford University andreceived his M.A. from Malcolm Bradbury's Creative Writing Workshop atthe Univ. of East Anglia. In 1987, he graduated from the Univ. of IowaPlaywrights' Workshop with his M.F.A. In addition to Penn, he teachesplaywriting, screenwriting and film analysis courses at Yale and JohnsHopkins. His plays have been produced off-Broadway and in variousregional festivals. His play waspublished and produced in 2001 and was presented in New York andWashington DC. He has been commissioned for three screenplays: and an adaptation ofMikhail Bulgakov's .

In , a conclusion is the  that follows logically from the major and minor  in a .

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Six types of Essays are mentioned. Match the structure of the essay to the essay type.

Her books are in collections throughout the country.

Linh Dinh was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1963, came to the US in1975, and has also lived in Italy and England. He is the author of twocollections of stories, (SevenStories Press 2000) and (SevenStories Press 2004), and three books of poems, (Tinfish 2003) and (Chax 2004) and Borderless Bodies(Factory School 2006). His work has been anthologized in (Scribner 2000), (Scribner 2004) and (Scribner 2003), among other places. He is also the editor of theanthologies (Seven Stories Press 1996) and (Tinfish 2001) and translator of (Tupelo 2006). waschosen by the as one of thebest books of 2004. He has been invited to read poems all over the US,and in London, Cambridge and Berlin, and his poems and stories have beentranslated into Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese. As founder andeditor of , a Philadelphialiterary journal, he published the work of poets and artists as well asanonymous "found" literature in the form of letters and journals. He ison the Philadelphia Art in City Hall Advisory Committee and is activewithin the community of Philadelphia's alternative galleries,cooperatives, and non-profit arts organizations. In addition to hiswriting and visual arts activities, Mr. Dinh acted as was Guest Curatorof the exhibit "Toys and Incense" at the Levy Gallery at Moore Collegeof Art and Design in which the role of improvisation and the play incontemporary visual art was explored.