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The third “Spider-Man” exceeds its predecessors mostly in quantity; there is an abundance of subplots and complications, and just when the film seems likely to unravel the strands come to a reasonable close (reasonable within superhero conventions, that is). This very complexity makes it impossible to talk about the movie without revealing some of the plot, at least the originating strands. If getting the biggest possible surprise is a priority for you, you might prefer to stop reading here.

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But Spider-Man is not the only comic book character to be infused with Jewish values.

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While no one at Marvel comics would admit it - at least publicly - the webs that our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man weaves are laced with stories and lessons taken right out of Jewish culture - so much so that one borough rabbi believes that Peter Parker is actually a child of Abraham.

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Peter's visit with the spirit of Uncle Ben is an incredible moving scene, but is best appreciated after having read the entire issue. Dialogue from this visit is shown below, from: The Amazing Spider-Man #500 (December 2003), titled "Happy Birthday, Part Three", pages 33-38; written by J. Michael Straczynski, pencilled by John Romita Jr. and John Romita Sr., inked by Scott Hanna; reprinted in: The Amazing Spider-Man: Happy Birthday trade paperback, Marvel Entertainment Group: New York City (2004).

re: A Hindu reading Amazing Spider-Man would assume Peter Parker is a Hindu...

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Well, there's Bonita "Firebird" Juarez, who's a fervent Christian and shows up occasionally in Avengers... Captain America, although that's rarely touched upon... J.M. DeMatteis' take on Spider-Man... The more I think about it, the more religious characters don't really tend to lend themselves to comics. Turning the other cheek doesn't exactly make for a hell of a good adventure story.

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A Hindu reading Amazing Spider-Man would assume Peter Parker is a Hindu as well given your argument. This just isn't the case, although it is possible Peter Parker could be Hindu it is extremely unlikely given his background, location, lifestyle, even though it hasn't been proven either way.

Again, it's a numbers game. The evidence suggests that SpideMan is not a Jew.

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3. Do you feel that comics reflect any religious philosophy in particular?
I believe that comics reflect all religions. DC has an obvious Christian-Jewish-Islamic God, yet has managed to incorporate gods. There's no bashing of any religious, merely an acceptance of all spirituallities (which is taken from Hinduism; everyone else is conceited in their views). That's part of why I love comics, they are open to all religions.

...Ditko was very involved with Spiderman's creation though so I'd say he had some influence as to the character development.

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...Spider-man's personality was definitely supposed to be modeled after Stan Lee, a wise cracking New York born Jew. He's neurotic, he's a nebbish. However, Parker is not a Jewish name. And I think the character works very well as being Irish (as pointed out by Garth Ennis in his awesome Tangled Web story) and Catholic (I mean, guilt is his major motivation)...

Is Spider-Man Jewish? cuz he's on a list of Fictional Jews on wikipedia but not on the list on Jewish comic book characters.

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Weinstein's suspicions about Spider-Man were confirmed when he came across golden age comic book illustrator Patti Cochran, who told him that the Marvel Comics editorial staff always worked off the belief that Peter Parker was Jewish.