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In this essay I will evaluate the rhetorical effectiveness of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous speech and show that his speech is a successful argument for the United States of America.

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The save environment essay is the piece of writing that has a purpose of conveying the problems related to the ecological protection. In fact, the save environment essay does not imply some special elements that must be present. With a standard essay structure, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, the save environment essay provides a smooth flow of information. However, it is crucial to remember that for the save environment essay, a single emotional appeal to be more environmentally friendly is insufficient. In addition, a credible justification that the pollution has a visible detrimental effect must be provided as well. Besides, a proficient save environment essay contains recommendations how to reduce an individual ecological footprint.

It has taken a little time for this fact to dawn on my senses.

Gladwell shares that liberals think that we have a "moral obligation to save trees, oceans, and animal species for their own sake and that we’re somehow threatening the planet’s well-being, as if the planet itself has moral standing."

Maxwell explains that this is what he thinks we need to do, "We need to utilize the Earth’s resources to sustain us well beyond the foreseeable future.

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Save environment slogans may easily motivate others about environment safety and health

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Our environment is equals to our mother

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Now we all must come together to prevent pollution and save the environment ..

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