Space exploration has caused numerous advances in the medical field.

In regards to modern space exploration, the efforts to explore the universe has had negative effects including the loss of 18 human lives as of 2005 (CBS News, 2005), a tremendous investment of money, as well as adverse environmental effects both within Planet Earth and the solar system....

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Many of us don't understand all of the benefits that come along with space exploration.

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The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Dynamic Surf investigation is looking in to a phenomenon called Marangoni convection -- one of the fundamental principles of liquid motion which is revealed much more clearly in microgravity. Understanding the physics of this convection will improve research in crystals used for semiconductors and optics, and in DNA examination on the space station and on Earth.

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The challenge of space exploration drives a continuing effort to design ever more capable, reliable, and efficient systems requiring the utmost ingenuity.

Some people think that there are too many problems with space exploration.

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“Space exploration Research has profited in several thousand medical instruments, ranging anywhere from devices for the detection of drug overdose to pacemakers” (Neil, 2013, p.

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This moment not only helped to define both technology and the economy as successful beneficiaries of Space Exploration, but also as a historically inspirational scientific development....

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The space shuttle was a tremendous technological achievement that enabled NASA to send millions of tons of cargo and equipment into low Earth obit, but its successor, the Constellation Program, which relies on rockets and crew capsules much like NASA’s early space programs, represents a step backward in space exploration vehicle design (“Propulsion Systems”, 2003)....

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While curiosity and the expansion of scientific knowledge are significant factors, the ecological impacts and financial implications of space exploration are the most important factors to be considered when taking up space exploration, as they will have the largest effect on our fut...

Space exploration helps us see the earth in its true relation with the rest of the universe.

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Commercialized space exploration companies will create countless jobs in maintenance, research, construction, and various other fields essential to space programs already.

Since the age of the Greeks, Anglo-Saxons have been interested in space exploration.

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The triumph of achievement and intellect left the new consequences unnoticed, however it is important to discuss the ramifications of space exploration from all angles before deciding on a course of action.

Space exploration has taken humans to some amazing places like the moon.

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With funds for education and the Veterans among the lowest, and with the likelihood of space exploration hurting these shallow funds, the money needs to be used for ethical and human sources- not for the extraterrestrial.