Even among world-class MBA programs, MIT Sloan is in an elite class.

As you can see, like all MBA programs, the MIT Sloan School of Management has a unique personality. If you can show that you'd thrive in a program that is international in perspective, highly quantitative, and grounded in innovative approaches, you'll have a good chance of demonstrating to the admissions team that you'd be an ideal candidate for MIT Sloan's rigorous — and rewarding — program.

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 There are several things that make the MBA student community at MIT Sloan unique.

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I truly believe that two years at MIT Sloan would mean fulfilling a longstanding interest in and penchant for business and entrepreneurship as well as an opportunity to master the fundamental tools necessary to build a strong sustainable enterprise from scratch. Finally I believe that my mix of public sector and financial services experience can only help to increase the collective level of diversity within the student body at MIT Sloan. The unparalleled leadership opportunities at Sloan, both in the classroom and through the Innovative Leader Series will add to my leadership knowledge base.

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My goal immediately after completing my MBA is to join a top consulting firm, either in India or the US, in order to gain in-depth insight into the best practices in transportation industry. Within four years post MBA I will return to India to once again pursue entrepreneurship as I establish a cutting edge consulting firm. By that time I will have had the chance to explore business theory at Sloan, its application under the guidance of seasoned consultants before finally building a team of dedicated consultants.

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MIT Sloan School of Management MBA Essay Questions.

An unusually large age range means that the most recent class included students from age 23 to age 44. MIT Sloan is also a highly international program, with about half of the incoming MBA class coming from somewhere outside the U.S.

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As befits an MBA program rooted in an engineering school, MIT Sloan is also known as a highly quantitative program. Nearly 45% of students come armed with a degree in engineering, science, math, or computer science. In terms of work experience, students typically come from backgrounds in banking and consulting.

Common MBA and LGO essay themes that emerge over the years at MIT Sloan include:

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Sloan doesn’t specify a format so keep in mind that you can submit an essay or multi-media presentation (or a combination of the two). Most of my clients opt for a PDF presentation simply because for most people its a lot easier to put together than a video. I’ve had clients highlight different phases or themes from their lives (living abroad, passtimes, community service, work life). I’ve worked with other clients who’ve wanted to highlight a theme from their early life right on through to the present such as growing up in an entrepreneurial family, founding a small company in college and then moving into VC. I helped a client applying to LGO submit a really cool video about the processing facility he ran.

Applicants to MIT Sloan’s LGO program need to write two additional short essays.

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Notice that the essay 2 prompt does not ask you to share an achievement or outcome from your past that aligns with the mission. MIT Sloan asks LGO and MBA candidates for ‘something’. That means you could just as well share an intrinsic quality about yourself or personal value set as an accomplishment.

Here are a few things the MBA program at MIT Sloan is looking for, and how you can show the admissions team you possess these qualities:

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Prepare a cover letter (up to 500 words) seeking a place in the MIT Sloan MBA Program. Please comment on your career goals and those factors which influenced you to pursue an MBA education at MIT Sloan. The cover letter provides a chance for you to discuss your passions, values, and interests. Through what you write we hope to discover whether you will thrive at MIT Sloan and how you will contribute to our diverse community. Address your cover letter to Mr. Rod Garcia, Director of MBA Admissions.