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The Sistine Chapel Renovation
The Sistine Chapel is considered one of the greatest artworks of all times. It received an extensive restoration which began in 1980 and was completed in 1994. Research the restoration and the arguments presented supporting it and those that argued against it. In a 1-2 page paper defend or oppose the restoration on the basis of your research. Be sure and include facts about restoration versus preservation as a means of maintaining great artwork. Include your opinion (supported by fact) as to whether Michelangelo would have encouraged restoration or preservation, and why?

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Pacelli) had been made a bishop in the Sistine Chapel by Pope Benedict XV on

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The next day, Sister gave me a call was somewhat urgent that I call those who had attended and give them this message which she wanted them to hear: "Live your spiritual life as if the world is going to end tomorrow; live your physical life as if the world is going to go on forever." Sister was concerned that going over the progress the forces of evil were making, and talking about a possible coming chastisement, would cause the young people to feel that they need not be so concerned with their careers, education, etc.

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1. To see the chapel in more natural lighting as it would appear in the real thing, right-click and uncheck Headlight. This will give you a lighting level that is more close to the original Sistine Chapel.

After a few moments of loading, the virtual reality Sistine Chapel should appear like this:

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It has been said that when Michelangelo painted, he was essentially painting sculpture on his surfaces. This is clearly the case in the Sistine Chapel ceiling, where he painted monumental figures that embody both strength and beauty.

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The most famous section of the Sistine Chapel ceiling is Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. This scene is located next to the Creation of Eve, which is …

The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is an example of a work that has been and truly a beacon of art.

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The Sistine Chapel is one of the most famous painted interior spaces in the world, and virtually all of this fame comes from the breathtaking painting of its ceiling from about 1508-1512. The chapel was built in 1479 under the direction of Pope Sixtus IV, who gave it his name (“Sistine” derives from “Sixtus”). The location of the building is very close to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Belvedere Courtyard in the Vatican. One of the functions of the space was to serve as the gathering place for cardinals of the Catholic Church to gather in order to elect a new pope. Even today, it is used for this purpose, including in the recent election of Pope Francis in March 2013.

In order to navigate the virtual reality scene of the Sistine Chapel, do the following:

some as large as The David and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, ..

As part of the project I did, I also created a diagram of all the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. With this diagram in hand you can know what you are looking at as you roam the virtual reality scene. You can download the high-resolution version of the diagram by clicking the preview below. Note: If you view it in Internet Explorer, the image will probably be automatically shrunk to fit in the window. Click the enlarge button that appears at the bottom-right hand corner of the image to expand it to full-size.

Each pair consists of art of the Early Renaissance (Chapter 21) and that of the High and Late Renaissance (Chapter 22).

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The Creation of Adam is one of the great jewels of Western art, though it and the rest of the Sistine Chapel ceiling suffered the ill effects of centuries of smoke that had caused the ceiling to darken considerably. It was not until 1977 that the cleaning of the ceiling was begun. The result of the cleaning was astonishing after its completion in 1989; what was once dark and drab became vivid. The change from pre-cleaning to post-cleaning was so great that some initially refused to believe that this is the way Michelangelo actually painted. Today, we have a much better understanding of Michelangelo’s palette and the world he painted, beautifully captured across the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.