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Gawaine must meet the Green Knight on his "native ground," which is to saythat he must confront his own ground in the primordial and impersonal life of nature. Hemust, to adopt Winters’s own summary, recognize the claims of sensibility. Thelady by whom Gawaine is tempted is lithe, unholy and "pure" in [Allen]Tate’s sense, with the purity of unmediated sensation, and her body"clings" and "swarms" with the buzzing intensity of Winters’searliest bee visions. The strength that masters her must necessarily be"thoughtless," and not only because it is derived from "ingrained"moral habit. Gawaine must risk what only his long habituation in virtue would permit himto dare: to suspend orb temporarily put in abeyance the forms of past knowings in order toperceive "shapes that I had never known." And yet it is with knowledge that heemerges:

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From our perspective, _Sir Gawain and the Green Knight_,has the unintentional effect of pointing out the moral complexities facingFourteenth Century feudalism.

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This story becomes a message, not for Arthur's court, butfor the Aristocratic readership of _Sir Gawain and the Green Knight_, forthey know what will happen to Arthur's court as a result of not heeding thismessage.

"Undressing Lady Bertilak: Guilt and Denial in Sir Gawainand the Green Knight."  27 (1993): 305-24.

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This is evident in this passage, which takes place after the Green Knight has had his head cut off by Gawain in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:

Yet the fellow did not fall, nor falter on whit,
But stoutly sprang forward on legs still sturdy,
Roughly reached out among the ranks of nobles,
Seized his splendid head and straightway lifted it.

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In this light, _SirGawain and the Green Knight_ presents both a nostalgic support of the feudalhierarchies and an implicit criticism of changes, which, if left uncheckedwill lead to its ultimate destruction.

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(41) If we are to use this reference to explain what constitutes maleness in the middle ages, then the question naturally arises as to how Gawain in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight retains his masculine identity while abstaining from sex.

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Kinney in her article "The (Dis)Embodied Hero and the Signs of Manhood in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" explains: "To support his assertion that the Green Knight is as much man as 'etayn' [assumed to be Gawain in the original text] he describes the stranger's well-proportioned male body, with its broad shoulders, slim waist, and flat stomach" (48).

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The poem tells the story of one of Arthur's noblest and most courageous knights, Sir Gawain, who is in search of the Green Chapel: "Sir Gawain ingeniously combines two plots, common in folklore and romance, although not found together elsewhere: the beheading contest, in which two parties agree to an exchange of blows with a sword or an ax, and the temptation, an attempted seduction of the hero by a lady" (Norton 200)....

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It opens with the highly sensory description of the moment of climax; in good balladform it starts "Reptilian Green, the wrinkled throat, / Greenas a bough of yew the beard"; and all the mystery of the flourishing greenness of theknight is drawn along with the repulsion of wrinkled, reptilian--and thereforeattractively evil-- appearance. Sir Gawain reacted entirely through impulse: "He benthis head; and I smote"; then, the action, after the vision,the thought came; and rationality as to its meaning developed.