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It's one thing to believe that polygamy was sanctioned for a brief period of time long ago, and quite another to believe that it is currently merely suspended and will be practiced again during the millennium and in the next life. This is fraught with problems. What if everyone joined the church and practiced polygamy? There simply wouldn't be enough women to even begin to make that feasible. People don't like to think about it, but how many women would really be comfortable sharing their husband with another women or perhaps dozens of women for all eternity?

Do you think people can be happy without much money?

Some people think that money is one of the most essential factors in promoting happiness.

What other factors contribute towards happiness?

Joseph was sealed (not married) to several women who were already married. This practice is called theological polyandry - sealing for eternity without earthly cohabitation. Being sealed to a woman for the afterlife does not necessarily imply living together during mortality. There is no solid, reliable, unbiased evidence showing that those married women that Joseph Smith was sealed to ever lived with him or had any physical relations with him. These women remained with their own spouses to whom they were first married to. Church President Joseph F. Smith testified before a senatorial committee stating that sealings for eternity did not allow for earthly cohabitation. Therefore, this sealing practice did not mean that Joseph Smith was in any kind of earthly marital relationship with these women. In fact, not only was Joseph Smith sealed to other women, he was also sealed to men as well. Many early Mormons had living parents and spouses who weren't members of the church and consequently were not eligible for sealing blessings. The solution for this was for them (men or women) to be sealed to someone who would most likely gain exaltation, such as the prophet Joseph Smith.

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Not only were church leaders willing to violate the law to promote polygamy, they did not hesitate to blacken the character of individuals who threatened to expose the secret practice of plural marriage. Sarah Pratt was not the only woman to suffer from this policy. The 27 August 1842 Wasp, for example, branded Martha H. Brotherton a 'mean harlot,' and Nancy Rigdon suffered the same treatment after she opposed Smith's polygamous proposals…..Jane Law, wife of Smith's counselor William Law, was also blacklisted for rejecting Smith's polyandrous proposal." ( by Van Wagoner, pp. 38-39.)

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Includes essays by Fritz Machlup, Israel M.

God has told us Latter-day Saints that we shall be condemned if we do not enter into that principle; and yet I have heard now and then… a brother or sister say, 'I am a Latter-day Saint, but I do not believe in polygamy.' Oh, what an absurd expression! What an absurd idea! A person might as well say, 'I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, but I do not believe in him.' One is just as consistent as the other…. If the doctrine of polygamy, as revealed to the Latter-day Saints, is not true, I would not give a fig for all your other revelations that came through Joseph Smith the Prophet; I would renounce the whole of them, because it is utterly impossible,… to believe a part of them to be divine--from God--and a part of them to be from the devil;… The Lord has said that those who reject this principle reject their salvation, they shall be damned, saith the Lord;…

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“Fraser’s Penguins,” portions of which appeared in The New Yorker, warns that what’s happening on the Antarctic Peninsula now is a taste of unsettling changes, elsewhere, to come. Should the West Antarctic Ice Sheet continue to melt, global sea levels could rise dramatically, in one NASA scientist’s opinion inundating Washington — and other coastal cities — by the end of this century.

Frederick Engels, Ernest Untermann, eds.

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DEPAULO: “Think back, now, to the singles I described at the beginning of this chapter – the ones who were castigated as “parasite singles” and as selfish. Their gatherings – dinners out, travel adventures, shopping trips – really were communal. Whole groups of women participated as equals. No one woman, and no pair, was singled out as special and above all the rest. The bonds they cherished as lasting were with each of the other women. These women were not narrowly linking themselves to just one other person…

Batson, trans.Foreword by Murray Rothbard and Introduction by Lionel Robbins not available online.

Kahane, trans.Foreword by Friedrich A.

"I discover that some of the Eastern papers represent me as a great blasphemer, because I said, in my lecture on Marriage, at our last Conference, that JESUS CHRIST WAS MARRIED at Cana of Galilee, THAT MARY, MARTHA, AND OTHERS WERE HIS WIVES, AND THAT HE BEGAT CHILDREN.
(Journal of Discourses, Vol. 2, page 210)