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Simmel notes that one way individuals assert a personality isto "be different," to adopt manners, fashions, styles,"to appear concentrated and strikingly characteristic." The brevity and fleetingness of contact in the city mean thatlasting impressions based on regular and habitual interactionwith others cannot be developed.

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Simmel views fashion as developing in the city, "becauseit intensifies a multiplicity of social relations, increases therate of social mobility and permits individuals from lower stratato become conscious of the styles and fashions of upper classes." (Ashley and Orenstein, p.

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Simmel notedthat fashion provides

the best arena for people who lack autonomy and who need support,yet whose self-awareness nevertheless requires that they be recognizedas distinct and as particular kinds of beings.

An example of how Simmel examines some ofthese connections in a concrete connection is his discussion offashion.
finding a way to make all of my eng 111 essays about the fashion industry.

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