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For Simmel, there is a dynamicor dialectical tension between the individual and society-- individuals are free and creative spirits, yet are part ofthe socialization process.

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Simmel notedthat fashion provides

the best arena for people who lack autonomy and who need support,yet whose self-awareness nevertheless requires that they be recognizedas distinct and as particular kinds of beings.

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society certainlyis not a 'substance,' nothing concrete, but an : it is the function of receiving and affecting the fate and developmentof one individual by the other." For Simmel, society isnothing but , and social forces are notexternal to, nor necessarily constraining for the individual,rather it is individuals who reproduce society every living momentthrough their actions and interactions.

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Simmel's sociology can be regarded assimilar to that of the other classic writers in some senses, althoughhe had less to say about social structure or its dynamics thandid Marx, Weber, or Durkheim He did discuss objective cultureand his writings on money have some affinity with Weber's rationalization.

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