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Since the 'U' class was a right-hand drive loco, the signal was on my side and when it came off, I informed Fred - 'Okay, we've got the stick.'
He released the steam brake and opened the regulator, then hanging his head out from the side of the cab we had gone no further than just beyond the bridge, when he gave out an almighty screech!

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The Up Starting signal is in the clear position and the train is just about to depart which should stop the engine's safety valve from blowing off! Interestingly, an engine's tender could be replenished here by the use of the water tank at the end of the Up platform.

The flyover above the train and the spur joining on the right leads to and from Hampton Court station where the line terminates.

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For more information and lively discussion about general signalling matters, I strongly urge you to go to . Its founder and webmaster, John Hinson, is a (now retired) signalman who signed more signal boxes than anyone else I know (except Pinkie of course!). Over many years John has worked exceptionally hard to make his web site the location for anything to do with signalling.

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(Below) This July 1973 photo of Alresford Station shows the Up home signal on the right and the goods shed which is now used as a shop, as well as meeting and tourist facilities for the Mid Hants Watercress Railway.


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