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, a great clade of herbivorous dinosaurs, appeared , but were initially marginal dinosaurs and did not begin becoming abundant until the late Jurassic. If dinosaurs all have the same common ancestor, ornithischian dinosaurs quickly diverged, with their different hips, and so far, there is no good evidence that ornithischians breathed with the air sac system, and they became the dominant herbivores in the relatively high-oxygen Cretaceous. The ornithischian advantage was a superior eating system. Ornithischians were the only dinosaurs that chewed their food. Chewing squeezes more calories from plant matter and may be why ornithischians surpassed sauropods in the Cretaceous. Sauropods did not chew their food but had rock-filled , as birds and reptiles do today. in the late Triassic. Only rare ornithischians had gizzards. Sauropods also had the smallest proportional brains of any dinosaur. The most encephalized dinosaurs were , some of which were featured as clever killers in . Theropods were the most encephalized dinosaurs, which is an early example of predators having larger brains in order to outsmart their prey. were in second place only to theropods in encephalization and were among the most successful Cretaceous herbivores. A fascinating aspect of some ornithopods was their seeming ability to communicate by bugling with a . This kind of evidence strongly supports the idea of herd behavior in herbivorous dinosaurs. There is also evidence of a , which has been keenly contested (, ) in recent years.

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Preview this book trailer prior to reading The Sign of the Beaver. My first WeVideo Creation!


Descriptive Annotation: At the beginning of the book, a beaver is sad because he has no friends. He cries out in sadness and gets a reply exactly as he had spoken. He then goes on a journey to find the source of this voice as he wishes to be friends with this creature who is exactly like him. On his journey, the beaver finds other small creatures who do not have friends, and they become friends together in their pursuit of the voice. After gaining a group of friends, the beaver asks an elder where he might find the voice. It turns out that the voice is an echo, but it is described as being happy when beaver is happy and sad when he is sad. It is a tale on finding friends through an adventure to find the voice. It is a cute book that also has a learning opportunity.


Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: Students may begin to wonder on the workings of the echo. The book is a feel-good book that also has an educational value. It can also be used in teaching values of friendship and building/finding those friends.

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Steve Rogers is a 98-year old virgin.

The idea that someone else/s feelings, which you yourself admit they are not pushing on someone else, is somehow this undue burden is pushing it. You're coming close to suggesting people aren't even permitted to have FEELINGS.

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OK, let’s take a moment to stop laughing before we continue.

The rise of the human species was dependent on exploiting new energy sources by using intelligence and manipulative ability. The new paradigm can be catalyzed by FE (there is nothing else more likely to do it, or so close to becoming a daily reality), and then intelligence and manipulative ability in the service of a healed heart can create a future that is presently difficult to imagine. Pondering FE's possibilities since 1986 has led me to many realizations, and this section is devoted to exploring of the possibilities that could come to pass in my lifetime, if FE became publicly available.

But while it’s easy to think of Rogers as someone who looks like this:

And while we’re on the subject of love…

There's also the slight issue where the upper classes were usually the only ones who wrote stuff down, either because they had the time, or they were the only literate ones. History as a discipline is built upon the back of primary data, and for so many, many groups of people, there just AREN'T primary sources. Without primary sources (historic people speaking for themselves), historians wade into the horrible murky depths of Interpretation, where you bring along all of your unconscious modern biases and perspectives and opinions. Primary sources from elites were, at least, contemporary-adjacent.