should sixteen year old's be allowed to vote

The Shadow Justice Secretary has declared that lowering the voting age is a move that Labour are hoping to introduce, in an attempt to reinvigorate politics and involve young people at an earlier stage. He and Lord Adonis argue that teengers would be in a position to make educated votes though encouraging a political education in the education system and worries about low turn outs could be avoided by introducing secondary schools as polling stations. Adonis argues that there is a need to help young people engage as citizens and to appreciate the democratic system. With such a huge debate surrounding the issue it is likely that 16-17 year olds will have a greater appreciation of the ability to vote and to therefore be keen to make an informed decision – whereas now there is sense that there is an alienation of young people in politics and shunning young people from the franchise only seems to confirm this. Even without knowing it, most 16 year olds are somewhat opinionated about politics and the actions of the government and a lower voting age could allow these opinions to be channelled into political votes to allow 16 year olds to have a voice in the course of British Politics.

Should sixteen year olds be allowed to vote essay

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Should 16-year-olds be allowed to vote

I'm sure many people my age could use their vote in a responsible way, but as there is no way to gauge this, everyone should be denied a vote until they are 18.
I suspect that the reason why 16 year olds may get the vote has little to do with their rights.

If 16-year old's are allowed work, they should be allowed to vote

The reason many don't vote now is because at 18 they feel their vote is wasted, probably because they don't understand the process properly.
I see nothing wrong with giving 16 year olds voting rights, but it seems fairer to say that anyone who pays tax can vote.
Of course children shouldn't get the vote.

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But we continually return to the question of maturity. With so much at stake can we risk jeopardising elections to people who will not take them seriously or who will simply give their parents another vote? Proponents argue that such individuals would simply not vote at all but at least the option was given which reflects a better relationship with young people and the opportunity to give those who want to express their opinion a voice. But in a situation where majority matters, is this a gamble we can take? Yes, some 16 year olds could make an educated vote but it is impossible to ensure that the votes of other 16-17 year olds are not misused. Research suggests that the area of the brain related to judgement does not fully develop till at least 19 which questions the ability of young people to vote. It would not be possible to determine each individual’s ability to vote before deciding if they should be allowed to do so, so ultimately deciding this by age is the only option despite its obvious flaws.

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Not being allowed to vote is one of many things they can't do - its not an anomaly, its for the simple reason that most 16 year olds lack the maturity and foresight to make long term choices.

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Should 16-year-olds Be Allowed to Vote

To have the rights and responsibilities already mentioned and to then deny the same group the vote is a disgrace.
We need to lower the voting age to 16 to balance the increase in elderly in the electorate.
I'm 17 and if 16 year olds can get jobs, pay taxes and raise children then why can't they vote?
I say if you pay tax, you should be eligible for a vote regardless of your age, which includes 16yrs+.
There's a danger that some may vote for trendy policies like legalising drugs, however it's unlikely to make much difference given that there are more older people in the population than young.

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It is clear that age 16 is a better time to establish a new habit than age 18, and data from places that have lowered the voting age shows that 16-year-olds do indeed vote at higher rates than older first-time voters.