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But Instead of building up round public opinion against child labour and for compulsory primary educator, we are still talking about child labour as being necessary for the survival of the family.

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Child labour cannot be eliminated unless there is free, universal and compulsory primary education.

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After visualizing the gravity of the problem, it becomes absolutely necessary for everyone to participate for the cause of total eradication of child labour.

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Myron Weiner, a political scientist has made the strongest case in the past couple of years for the part of necessary school laws in reducing the number of kids opting for employment in his book "The Child and the State in India: Child Labor and Education Policy in Comparative Perspective".

With this confidence, for the last three years we are conducting the programmes of educational awareness for eradication of child labour.4.

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Nature of the Campaign :
To eradicate child labour which is an integral part of ‘Educational Awareness Programme’, we plan to conduct sports, competitions, street plays, entertainment programmes, etc.

Dream of education to children is impossible unless suitable employment opportunities made available to at least one person in the family.

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Weiner contends that enforced education successfully terminated child labour, although only in a temporary way, in both the early starters and the new industrialized nations....

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Unless there is significant improvement in the quality of life and living standards, the elimination of child labour will remain a pipe-dream.

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Hence, to eradicate present and future child labour , we insist that all the children should get equal opportunity of compulsory and free education.

The real strength of Educational Awareness Programme, will be a helping hand from our society.