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Gabrielle Douglas is an inspiration to me and many others because she overcame being homeless,moved in with a new family, and won Olympic gold in gymnastics....

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All have the same contents in the introduction. It’s a short essay and the introduction only serves to introduce the essay question and give the main points or main answer.

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This. Is. AWESOME. I am the eldest of four children and my 8 year old sister loves nothing more than to devour a book. She has a better vocabulary than half of the people in my college classes, and really couldn’t give less of a hoot about what other people think. I wrote my college application essay about how her gallantry through her celiac disease inspires me, but she has shown me so much more than that. Elli represents the person I wish I could have been 12 years ago. My life would have been so much different if I had her confidence and bravery at her age. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to help foster her sense of self-worth, and I could not be more proud of her. Thank you Latina, for reminding us that every interaction with a child matters, no matter how short.

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I was nine years old, and loved challenges, all kinds of them

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Why can you not do both? Be ecstatic over her cuteness and then engage her intellectually? Why is it one or the other?

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application states: "Foot Locker wants to celebrate YOU- not necessarily because you scored the winning touchdown or goal- but because sports have helped you grow into a strong leader at school and in your community." Over 125,000 student athletes receive financial assistance at participating NCAA universities, and awards are not always full-tuition affairs. Partial scholarships offset education expenses for countless students that possess desirable on-field skill-sets, but do not rise to the performance levels of collegiate superstars. Supplemental awards for student athletes are aimed at textbooks, transportation, room and board, fees and portions of tuition that remain unpaid after other forms of aid are exhausted. Don’t sell yourself short: Pursue athletic scholarships whenever possible – even partial awards bridge affordability gaps for qualified student athletes. Division III schools are limited by the NCAA in the amount of athletic scholarship assistance they can provide, yet most Division III colleges remain deeply vested in promoting competitive sports programs on-campus.

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