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Ahdaf Soueif is the author of the bestselling The Map of Love (shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1999 and translated into more than 30 languages), as well as the well-loved In the Eye of the Sun and the collection of short stories, I Think of You. Her account of the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Cairo: a City Transformed, came out in January 2014 (Knopf and Bloomsbury). She is also the founder of the Palestine Festival of Literature which takes place annually in the cities of occupied Palestine and Gaza. Ms Soueif is a Trustee of the British Museum, a Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Caine Prize for African Literature. She sits on various Boards in Egypt and the UK. Ms Soueif holds a PhD in Linguistics and is a recipient of three honorary doctorates from UK universities. She is a graduate of Cairo University.

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ANTICATHOLICISM: Literature or rhetoric created (often by Protestants) for the purpose of countering Catholic doctrine or depicting Catholicism in a negative light. In Reformation and Post-Reformation British literature, anticatholic motifs frequently appear after the Anglican Church splits from Rome under Henry VIII. Examples include Spenser's Faerie Queene, in which Catholic associations surround villains like Duessa and Archimago. A similar surge of anticatholic characterizations appear just before and during the Enlightenment period, notably in Gothic literature like Lewis' The Monk, in which convents and monasteries are depicted as hypocritical hives of sadism and superstition.

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The two most powerful women in Norwegian politics rose to the top; Erna Solberg - leader of the Conservative Party (Hoyre) and Siv Jensen - leader of the Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, often shortened to FRP)....

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