with the easily satisfied mind of the self-uninterested Banquo:—

The root cause of anti-Semitism lies in the strength of Jewish identity. Like any group with a strong focus on in group/out group identity, constant reference to differences invites constant awareness of differences. It is by no means a problem unique to Judaism and therefore can never be resolved as long as it is thought of as a unique or discrete Jewish issue. If Jewish leaders and writers spent more time and effort drawing comparison of their struggles to those of others, and less time focusing on just Jewish persecution, we can isolate the most ignorant and hateful sources of anti-Semitism from the mainstream. Jewish people have just as deep of a history of contribution and collaboration with other cultures as they do of persecution, and focusing on the similarities rather than the differences is the only useful way forward. Easier said than done, but worth the effort, for any group or culture.

and then Macbeth's earnest reply,—

Is it too minute to notice the appropriateness of the simile 'as breath,' &c., in a cold climate?

Still again Banquo goes on wondering like any common spectator:

I have a lot of Jewish ancestry and I fully support Israel, but the behavior of many Jews is really embarrassing, so much so that I keep my Jewish forbears to myself. People like Bernie Sanders and William Kristol are prime reasons why. How dare they call themselves Jews and be such traitors to Israel and their own people? Then you have clowns like the fat pigs at Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas, on TV displaying their greed and gluttony, “Hardcore Pawn” in Detroit run by extremely obnoxious and greedy Jews…
Keep Jews like that off of Television and start running reality shows of Jewish doctors helping the poor for free, Jewish American patriots, Jewish athletes aiding the disabled, ANYTHING positive instead of this stream of greedy Jews and treasonous Jews and Communist Jews.

Were such things here as we do speak about?

Third, Jews are notoriously obnoxious about money. They demand more and more, they complain they’re being shorted when you’re generous with them. Nobody likes that.

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And immediately after pours forth the promising courtesies of a usurper in intention:—

The acme of the avenging conscience.

I had Jews for landlords in 1992. They alone had duplicate keys to my apartment (a requirement of local law). I came home one day, unlocked my door and found all my personal books gone — mostly rare books that took years to collect — cleaned out of two closets, along with a few personal files. Police refused to investigate, claiming that talking to the Jews about the “missing” books would be “harassment”! The Jews are thus protected, and I therefore have no rights.

Note the inward pangs and warnings of conscience interpreted into prudential reasonings.

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And see the novelty given to the most familiar images by a new state of feeling.

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I am convincedthat the vast majority of animal rights organizations and activists are lawabiding, non-violent, and filled with good intentions, albeit true that somenon-violent activists sometimes engage in civil disobedience during theirdemonstrations, for which they are oftenjailed.