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I did not entirely escape the economic mayhem , and my landlord lost his job at Microsoft and evicted me to sell the house, just as Brian asked me to help write that DOE proposal. I will always have semi-fond memories of writing as I was literally packing boxes for my hasty move. A couple of months earlier, I began to write a letter to Brian on what I learned during my journey. The public version of that letter is my . I did not complete it for nearly a year. Even though Brian had witnessed many incredible events, he eventually admitted how naïve he still was late in his life, and he devoted his last book’s to the dangers of being on the leading edge of efforts to heal the planet and humanity, where such people are and are fortunate if they survive the experience. Brian wanted to write an essay with me about the darkness. In the epilogue of , Brian reproduced an email that I wrote to him partly about that subject, which is reproduced at .


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:: Creative Writing Category: Creative Writing Examples; Title: School Days are the Happiest Days of your My over-riding recollections of school are the memories of never quite 20 Reasons Why School Days Were The Most Memorable Time Of Before I even start pushing you down the memory lane, can we all please Let's talk about our school days and remember the things that we miss the most That's my most unforgetable memory in my school life.

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The last days of Remembering my school days… – Schoolhouse Voices – Medium 8 Sep 2015 It's funny what school memories have stuck with me over the years: Miss Taylor reading to my first-grade class from Winnie-the-Pooh every "Unforgettable Memories of School Life" | Love Poems and Thoughts My school teachers kept mum, they were speechless after taking a look at my result.

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I initially planned to write an essay of my memories of Brian, but it quickly became something else. This essay is partly biographical, partly reminiscences, and partly about Brian’s life’s work and legacy.

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