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No one died as a convicted witch in America again after the Salem witch trials. It wasalso the last of the religious witch hunts. Salem Village separated from Salem Town in1752 and became the town of Danvers. However, this separation did not wipe away thehistory of the witch trials from its past. For over 300 years, historians, sociologists,psychologists and others continue to research and write about them to this day, and theycontinue to serve as a reminder of how politics, family squabbles, religion, economics and the imaginations andfears of people can yield tragic consequences.

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There really was no one cause for the Salem witch trials. A combination of events and factors helped in the creation of a climate for the birth and growth of the trials. A recent small pox outbreak, the revocation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter by Charles II and the constant fear of Indian attacks helped in creating anxiety among the early Puritans that God was punishing them. This fear of punishment established a fertile atmosphere in which a case of possible witchcraft could easily be interpreted by the Puritans as the cause of God's wrath. Add to these events the economic, political, imaginations and fears of the people, family feuds and religious factors of the time, it is easier to understand how the Salem witch trials grew and prospered for almost a whole year. See the essay for a detailed explanation of the causes, events and aftermath of the Salem witch trials.

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The witchcraft outbreak originated in Salem Village with Betty Parris being the first afflicted girl. See the essay for a detailed explanation of the causes and events of the Salem witch trials.

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