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In an interview that Brian gave in 2008 (interview #59 at , beginning 26 minutes into it), Brian said he knew about 25 dead free energy inventor/promoter stories. Like me, he did not make it a point to collect such stories; hearing them just comes with the territory. A couple of minutes later in that interview, Brian said that when Mallove was murdered, Brian became the keynote speaker, and Brian said that he “got the hell out of the country fast, after that.” He did. A few days after the conference, Brian moved to South America and spent the rest of his life there.

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I had some brief interactions with Mallove in late 2003 and I read some of his work. He could be rather pugnacious, and one account that I read of his murder stated that he uttered an unflattering epithet during the escalating situation that led to his death. I will always wonder if he was being hit with the same brain-attacking technology that seemed to be aimed at us, and while his murder may not have been orchestrated by the GCs and their nefarious technology, I consider it quite likely that several key NEM players were being zapped with psychotronic devices, and the GCs would sit back and watch “nature” take its course as its targets engaged in unproductive and even self-destructive behaviors. One thing is certain: with all of the preposterous paranormal events that have attended my journey, I am not much of a believer in coincidence, and will always doubt the “random crime” aspect of Mallove’s death.

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Until Jay mentioned it and I saw it, Armstrong’s Leap was not in the moon landings debate at all. Seeing that obscure footage removed about 99.9% of my remaining doubt about the moon landings. In the end, those months were not wasted, but comprised an invaluable education for looking into such issues. Ever since 2001, I have been regularly approached by all manner of petitioner as they make their cases for faked moon landings. From the knowledge gained by that deep dive, I can usually set them straight rather quickly, but for the harder ones I send them Jay’s way. Nobody has adduced compelling evidence yet.

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Listen to Brian talk about that in . See also his , p. 178.

As Brian stepped out onto science’s leading edge, he lost his standing, lost his relationships with colleagues such as Sagan and O’Neill, and eventually lost his well-paying career. In late-life interviews, Brian said that if he knew what he was in for, he would have kept sipping sherry in his soft berth at Princeton. I know the feeling, but his willingness to explore the unknown made him an astronaut, and is what made him a great man in my eyes. All the great ones that I have encountered made immense personal sacrifices to pursue the truth and help humanity and Earth heal, from to . Brian felt guilty when pumping gasoline into his car. It is that nagging conscience, and acting from it, that made them great.

See O’Leary’s op-ed, “Topics” Science – Or Stunts – On the Moon?,” , April 25, 1970.

See Michael A. G. Michaud’s , . See also O’Leary’s .

In 1964, Brian and his new wife moved to California and he began his doctoral studies at , where he matured as an astronomer. Brian performed experiments with his mentor Donald Rea and wrote scientific papers regarding Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Their papers were regularly published in the scientific establishment's house organs: the magazines and. The publisher of , , made Brian one of its Fellows in 1975.

See Shayler and Burgess’s , chapter 6, “Flying Is Just Not My Cup of Tea,” p. 171.

See "Peace Cruise on the Dnieper", , February 1990, p. 16.

Between late 1999 and early 2001, I was on a full-time consulting engagement, so I did not perform much research and writing on my site during that period, but in February 2001 I decided to dig into the faked moon landings business. I was a little resentful that I was being dragged into the issue. I was open to the idea that the moon landings were faked, but my initial interest was in what might have been covered up. The faked moon landings argument was at the far end of the spectrum on the moon landings controversies, but I felt that I had little choice but to find out what I could. After about a month into my full-time snooping into the moon landings issue, FOX TV aired a show titled “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?,” and in January 2001 Bart Sibrel released a video titled, , and it became famous in the wake of the Fox TV show. That Fox show had Brian on for about ten seconds, stating that it was conceivable that the astronauts did not land on the moon, or maybe some of Apollo lunar footage was faked for public relations purposes.