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I guess if an urban idiot can say that rural people are deprived of the life of luxury, we rural folk can say urban people are deprived of their sanity and their morals.

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The modern-day amenities are not a part of rural living and the life here is away from luxury.

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They don't tend to accept cultural or other differences easily.

◼ The thinking and lifestyle of rural people seems backward to the urban dwellers.

◼ Living areas are spacious and houses are comfortably spaced.

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Life is fraught with stress and lifestyle diseases.

◼ There is easy availability of grocery, medical shops, and other essentials.

◼ The access to health care facilities is quick and easy.

◼ In urban areas, poverty rates are low and the standard of living is high.

◼ Due to the availability of good teaching staff, course material, technology, and other teaching aids, urban areas can provide education of higher quality.

◼ Urban areas have gyms, health clubs, parks, theaters, recreational centers, and other such facilities.

However, attracted to urban development and in the pursuit of higher living standards, many are shifting from rural living to urban life.
But hey if fake acquantencies and hiding from the real world is your thing thing rural life is definately for you.

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This article is in no way truthful for either side of this two sided "coin." I have lived in a rural area my whole life and we are not deprived of technologies or luxuries like the "city folk." I suggest next time that more research is put in to writing an article comparing things.

Having said that, though rural living scores higher in some aspects, truth is that the faster and smarter city life entices almost everyone.

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Rural areas are also very shelted, as in people have no idea what life is like out side of that town so people make shelted assumptions about people they've never met before, and people from rural areas usually don't know how to act around minorites or are surprised when they see a minority that doesn't fit their shelted stereotype.

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