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In bringing together feeling and thought, rather than separating them and dividing one for woman and one for man, Mary Wollstonecraft was also providing a critique of Rousseau, another defender of personal rights but one who did not believe that such individual liberty was for women. Woman, for Rousseau, was incapable of reason, and only man could be trusted to exercise thought and reason. Thus, for Rousseau, women could not be citizens, only men could.

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While the first part of this essay will discuss in whatway Rousseau acknowledges natural inequalities, the second will focus on the insignificanceof these in the natural state of men and the third will portray how the emergence andconstruction of society built them significantly, along with political and moral inequalities.

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To please them, to be useful to them, to make themselves loved and honoured by them, to educate them when young, to care for them when grown, to counsel them, to make life sweet and agreeable to them - these are the duties of women at all times, and what should be taught to them from their infancy' (Archer 1916).
Mary on the other hand ferverently declared that all people, whether men, women, or children have a right to an independent mind and freedom, Wollstonecraft also envisioned a society in which women could be educated and work alongside men as equals in every pursuit, with equal citizenship for both sexes providing equality to all.
Despite appearing poles apart, both Wollstonecraft's and Rousseau's concern with the education of women stemmed from a new and increasingly problematic social phenomenon.

28), the essay is today known as one of Rousseau’s mostimportant work and puts forward an argument still discussed today.

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Wollstonecraft openly called out fellow philosopher and novelist of the time, Jean-Jacques Rousseau on his negative views of women and their role in society.

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In this collection of essays on forming the moral character of girls, Mary also applied the lessons of self-education by drawing on the ideas of Locke, Rousseau, and other liberal writers.

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The preface to 'The Female Reader' was an essay on female education based on the development of reason and virtue, since the improvement of every young woman's mind and heart was the business of their whole life (Edwards 2005).

Wollstonecraft had become adept at discussing politics through her work at the ; so when Edmund Burke published 'Reflections on the Revolution in France' in which he attacked the views of Richard Price, she retaliated with 'A Vindication of the Rights of Men' (1790).
Joseph Johnson actively encouraged the radicals among his authors and although the original text was published anonymously, a second edition the following year carried her name.

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Certainly there had been others who had argued politically for womens rights, including Christine de Pisan, Mary Astell, Lady Wortley Montague, Catherine Macaulay, etc, but the topic had never been discussed at such length before and Wollstonecraft's words were the first to enter mainstream politics and conversation regardless of social class (DeVito 2005).

It is impossible to diminish the importance to Mary of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the French philosopher and father of the French Revolution, who had died two years earlier.

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Write an essay(with a thesis)that compares and contrasts the idea of reason in the works of ROUSSEAU, Discourse on Inequality, and WOLLSTONECRAFT, A Vindication.

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Mary Wollstonecraft married William Godwin in 1797. A celebrated political theorist William Godwin was a giant among 18thC English intellectuals, with an influence that spread to France and the United States. Godwin did not limit his intellectual efforts solely to political philosophy, but also wrote novels, a play, biographies, numerous essays and literary criticisms. In short, he was a man of very wide talent who moved in the most progressive circles of his time.