GS & GS (or GS + Major Requirement)

Students should discuss all AP exams scores (completed & pending) with Temple academic advisor during their orientation academic advising appointment.

Chemistry 1031/1033 & Chemistry 1032/1034

Computer & Information Science 1068

citizen or have permanent resident status

PetLoverGuy is a website that provides helpful and detailed information about all pets. This annual scholarship is designed to support the educational pursuits of pet lovers across the country. Applicants must submit a written essay or a two-minute video explaining why pets make people feel good.

Comparative Government & Policies

Looking for more? Here's a list of additional scholarships with November deadlines. Learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply through the links provided below.

citizen or have permanent resident status.

Director of undergraduate studies: Alan Mikhail, 238 HGS, ;

In an effort to support the next generation of beauty and wellness professionals, the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships to cosmetology, nail and esthetic students. Applicants may sort scholarships by area of study or may view a list of scholarships with upcoming deadlines.

citizen or eligible non-citizen.

Scholarship award amounts and deadlines vary for each individual scholarship. Scholarships for high school, undergraduate and graduate students are available.

Applicants must be fully admitted by the scholarship deadline.

Search from more than 600 scholarships, grants and awards sponsored by the American Psychological Association and other psychology-related organizations. This scholarship search allows you to narrow results based on deadline, current grade level, area of interest, sponsor of award, type of award granted and various personal characteristics.

Online programs are also acceptable.

nationals or lawful permanent resident aliens of the United States.

The two-term senior essay History majors seeking to earn Distinction in the Major must complete a two-term independent senior essay under the guidance of a faculty adviser. The typical senior essay is 40–50 pages (no more than 12,500 words), plus a bibliography and bibliographical essay. Seniors receive course credit for their departmental essays by enrolling in (first term of senior year) and (second term of senior year). The grade for the final essay, determined by an outside reader in consultation with the faculty adviser, is applied retroactively to both terms. Additional details about the senior essay are provided in the Senior Essay Handbook, available on the . History majors graduating in December may begin their two-term senior essay in the spring term and complete the senior essay during fall term.

citizen or qualified non-citizen.

German LL Elective & German UL Elective

Introduction to American political and social issues from the 1940s to the present, including political economy, civil rights, class politics, and gender roles. Legacies of the New Deal as they played out after World War II; the origins, agenda, and ramifications of the Cold War; postwar suburbanization and its racial dimensions; migration and immigration; cultural changes; social movements of the Right and Left; Reaganism and its legacies; the United States and the global economy. Enrollment limited to freshmen. Preregistration required; see under Freshman Seminar Program.

Must also have no pending criminal matters.

Geography & Urban Studies 2002

STDCheck offers scholarships throughout the year to college students who are HIV-positive. Applicants must submit official transcripts and an essay explaining how living with HIV has impacted their lives. Scholarship applications are reviewed every month. Students must also provide proof of their HIV status from a physician. Scholarship amounts vary between $250 - $5,000.