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The eighties was a time when the dojinshi sold at comic markets shifted from mostly original stories and characters to parodies of popular manga and animated cartoon characters (Yonezawa, personal communication, August 17, 2000). In 2002 parodies still prevail and yaoi is the predominant parody genre. The yaoi parody may be traced to 1983 when the animated TV cartoon became enormously popular. Interestingly, the anime was based on a series from the weekly boy's magazine, . The story is about how a soccer team led by protagonist Captain Tsubasa competes with one strong team after another to finally win a tournament. Yaoi parodies of made an appearance in the winter 1985 COMICMARKET. In the stories, team members' I'd-die-for-you friendships are transformed into romances which represent M/M love considered superior to M/F love. By the summer of 1986, about 370 out of 3,900 groups exhibiting at the market created parodies of (Inokai, 2000b, p. 26). During the nineties Yaoi artists started looking to commercial manga and anime for a great variety of interesting characters for their parodies. But it is too simple an explanation to claim that the parodies are just about the characters. Rather than merely beginning with a favorite character, dojinshi artists sometimes first focus their attention on drafting a love story and only then do they appropriate characters to fit their narratives. There is an endless stream of male characters to either match with a story of M/M coupling the yaoi artist has devised--or the other possibility, an endless stream of characters to suggest new narratives of M/M or boys' love coupling (Kinsella, 1998, McLelland, 2000). Every male character from the popular media becomes fair game. For example, the 2002 comic markets in Taiwan featured Harry Potter dojinshi, and it takes little imagination to visualize the various possibilities for romantic relationships between Harry and Malfoy.2

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In your definition, you might need to clarify how romantic love is different from any other kind or why and how it is unique. You want to make it clear to the reader what you are writing about. There are several different kinds of love, so make sure you stay on topic. Although friendship can sometimes lead into romance, this is not always the case, and the feelings you have for a friend is not the same as the kind you share with a partner.

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The origins of the twin phenomena yaoi and boys' love are fascinating. Of the dojinshi artists who sold their comic books at the first COMICMARKET, Yonezawa (personal communication, August 17, 2000) estimates that eighty-percent were females. In the 1980s increasing numbers of males began to participate, and now, our observation is that the ratio appears to favor females only slightly. In the seventies two major types of dojinshi dominated COMICMARKET. Groups of university students created dojinshi with original characters and plots; at the same time manga and anime fan clubs produced parodies of characters from commercial manga and animated cartoon characters. It was the parodies that set the stage for yaoi and boys' love. The term yaoi was coined in the late seventies by Kanazawa region dojinshi artists included Yasuko Sakata and Rinko Hatsu. Basing their dojinshi on popular media characters, they took the terms , , and (no climax, no point, no meaning) to characterize Sakata's dojinsh . Yaoi is formed by the three terms. As used by Sakata and her group, yoai is an ironic subversion of a traditional Japanese narrative structure consisting of an introduction, development, transition, and conclusion (Natsume, personal communication, June 6, 2002). Yaoi emphasizes male/male (M/M) relationships which do not follow a traditional story structure, , , , and --introduction, development, transition, and conclusion which has its origin in Chinese poetry (Inokai, 2001, p. 10). In the eighties yaoi became synonymous with M/M--parodies of popular manga and animation characters in what appear to be gay relationships in which explicit and sometimes violent sex is shown. "Boys' love" termed in Japanese, refers to dojinshi featuring highly romantic gentle, loving, and cuddly male/male relationships in which explicit sex is seldom suggested. Both yaoi and boys' love are, according to their creators and consumers, forms of love "superior" to heterosexual varieties.

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