to enact the Conscience Protection Act!

Anti-abortion advertisement, 1973. In order to emphasize their message of ‘pro-life’, anti-abortionists would send out advertisements and flyers such as these to discourage women to receive abortions by their doctors. The misleading information on birth control and abortion given by anti-abortion groups led to dangerous methods of getting rid of the fetus, and consequently more women were likely to die as a result, prompting women’s rights groups to advocate for safe, legal abortions in the United States. [8]

Pray for Life monthly prayer/action guide /

Word of Life diocesan and parish resource /

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Women Marching Outside of Federal Offices, 1972 [1]

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[15] Kiristin Kendrick. Photograph. February 2014.

New proposed restrictions mean that immigrants who have received any public benefit to which they were legally entitled could be turned away at points of entry, or see their applications to extend their stays be denied.

[19] Kiristin Kendrick. Photograph. February 2014.

In an effort to marginalize his nation's large far-right party in the wake of attacks by Islamist radicals, the president of France teams up with an old foe.

Women’s Health Clinic Pamphlet, Orlando, Florida [11]

University of Central Florida Student Health Center [15]

There are several options that couples, parents and others going through a family law case can take to come to a resolution of the disputed issues. While litigation is sometimes unavoidable, more people are attempting to resolve cases through various forms of alternate dispute resolution (ADR). One type of ADR is mediation.

An anti-abortion chalk drawing, Orlando, FL [19]

Voices for Women flyer, Rollins College [22]

After , the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional and against a couple’s right to privacy to keep from married couples using birth control provided for them by family health clinics, including abortion and other contraceptives, and lifted the sentence against Planned Parenthood’s then-chief executive. [12] Planned Parenthood offered consultations and information about contraception to young women, a serious and often taboo view in American society at that time, especially during the midst of the sexual revolution and women’s newfound sexual and physical freedom with their bodies.

[4] McBride, Alex. “Landmark Cases: Roe v. Wade” . Accessed February 5, 2014.

[5] Kiristin Kendrick. Photograph. February 2014

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