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Philosopher, author, teacher, gonzo psychologist, humorist and lecturer Robert Anton Wilson has written about the occult, conspiracy theories, secret societies, the Illuminati and our cultural dilemmas from a Celtic/James Joyce/Aleister Crowley foundation.

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Robert Anton Wilson, Grant Morrison, And The Magick …

The Illuminati Papers is a collection of essays and other works by Robert Anton Wilson first published in 1980 (ISBN 1-57951-002-7). The book expands upon characters and themes from his earlier The Illuminatus! Trilogy (written with Robert Shea) and most of the essays are written from the point of view of the characters in Illuminatus! Topics Wilson writes on cover politics, science, the future, hedonism and consciousness.

Robert Anton Wilson, Grant Morrison, And The Magick Of Words

I replied: Choosing to do meaningful things, such as helping those less fortunate than yourself or devoting your life to trying to find a cure for cancer, has no similarities to the delusional notion that what happens is what you believe. It should be obvious to anyone who has read what I've written about the placebo effect that it is not true that people can get rid of health problems just by believing some magical activity will do the trick. Your idea that "the placebo effect" is bringing about things by believing them may be a popular understanding of that expression, but as I have noted above, it is not one I share. You can give a person with a headache a dummy pill and claim it has medicinal powers. The person's headache will go away. You are wrong if you think it went away because the patient believed the dummy pill was good medicine. It went away because headaches resolve themselves most of the time.

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