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23 YesEssay · DEMOCRACY - The EconomistDemocracy was the most successful political idea of the 20th century Yet these days the exhilaration generated by events like those in Kiev is In Bangladesh, Thailand and Cambodia, opposition parties have boycotted recent elections orPolitical Parties | National Democratic InstitutePolitical parties are essential institutions of democracy By competing in elections parties offer citizens a choice in governance, and while in opposition they can

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The best solution, however, does not lie with extremes; it lies in the middle of the continuum where political rivals enter a covenant for a greater good of the nation. In effect, they compromise a deal in order to fashion a comprehensive, yet accommodating national agenda that, in turn, secures cooperation, transformation, and stability. ‘Compromising a deal’ is best exemplified by power sharing, but since the necessary ingredients for the latter are not present, dividing up the pie of power politics becomes remote, to say the least. Power sharing also entails fair share in governance, commitment, transparency, and accountability by groups in the coalition.

Despite President Washington’s warning, the rise of the two political parties, in the years after his term was inevitable....
George Washington warned the nation against creating political parties in his famous “Farewell Address”.

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Panelists for the kickoff event of Rise to Run Bloomington discussed the fundamental tools of running and winning a progressive campaign. Panelists included (l-r) Rep. Attica Woodson Scott, Kentucky State Legislature; Nicole Browne, Monroe County Clerk; Diana O’Brien, assistant professor of political science at Indiana University; Dana Black, State Democratic Party Deputy Chair; Amanda Clerkin Barge, first-year Monroe County Commissioner; Shelli Yoder, Monroe County Council member and two-time candidate for U.S. Congress; and panel moderator Julie Thomas, Monroe County Commissioner. | Limestone Post

In addition to general distrust, policy disagreements had also led to the rise of political parties....

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David Wasserman, editor of The Cook Political Report, warned RISE members to curb their governmental expectations the next four years due to the country’s polarized political parties.

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But to go from this recognition to suggest that Marx plagiarized everything from Proudhon in particular is indeed totally absurd. The idea of the exploitation of labour by capital, for example, was far more strongly articulated by Blanqui than by Proudhon and was completely accepted by the socialist Ricardians. It was obvious to pretty much everyone and Marx made no claims of originality in pointing to it. What Marx did was to show how that exploitation could be accomplished without violating laws of market exchange that theoretically (and in the utopian universe of classical political economy) rested upon equality, freedom and reciprocity. To promote those laws of exchange as the foundation of equality was to create the conditions for the centralization of capitalist class power. This was what Proudhon missed. When Marx pointed to the importance of the commodification of labor power he may well have been drawing on Blanqui without acknowledgement but even here it was Marx and not Blanqui who recognized its significance for the theory of capital. Marx’s critique in the Grundrisse of the Proudhonian conception of money and of the idea that all that was needed for a peaceful transition to socialism was a reform of the monetary system was accurate (and of course Proudhon’s free credit bank was an instantaneous disaster though it may have been bourgeois sabotage that made it so). Marx’s critique of Proudhon’s theories of eternal justice is also penetrating. It is here precisely that Marx points out how theories of justice are not universal but specific, and in the bourgeois case specific to the rise of liberal capitalism. To pursue the aim of universal justice as a revolutionary strategy ran the danger of simply instanciating bourgeois law within socialism. This is a familiar problem, as everyone working critically with notions of human rights recognizes. When Marx appealed, as he often did, to ideas of association he was almost certainly drawing more on Saint-Simon than Proudhon.