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McBrien, retired University of Notre Dame professor, author of many books on Catholicism and Essays in Theology columnist has Notre Dame theologian Fr Richard McBrien dies – CatholicHerald 27 Jan 2015 Fr Richard McBrien, a retired professor of theology at the University of 25 books as well as a weekly syndicated column, Essays in Theology, The HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism: Richard P.

McBrien 25 Jan 2015 Richard P.

Richard McBrien, theologian, has died (National [Non-]Catholic Reporter); Obituary: Richard P.

McBrien The HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism [Richard P.

Richard McBrien is Dead – Novus Ordo 25 Jan 2015 other books and authored a syndicated weekly column called “Essays in Theology”.

Richard McBrien and Others Mislead Catholic Public: Allege Fr.

Richard McBrien (Photos by David Kamba) column (2,364 in all) titled “Essays in Theology”; after 20 books, including Catholicism, of Vatican II than Richard P.

Richard McBrien, theologian and church expert, dies at 78 25 Jan 2015  Fr.

Homosexual orientation among Roman Catholic priests

Pope Vitalin...supported efforts of the king of Northumbria, following the Synod of Whitby (664), to establish in England the Roman, as opposed to the Celtic, date for Easter (that is the Sunday after the Jewish Passover, rather than the Passover itself) and other Roman practices as well (McBrien, Richard P. Lives of the Popes: The Pontiffs from St. Peter to Benedict XVI. Harper, San Francisco, 2005 updated ed., p. 109).

Richard McBrien and Others Mislead Catholic Public: Allege Schiavo Feeding .

Father Richard McBrien, prolific theologian and essayist, ..

Essays include "Democracy, Desperately Dry" by Richard John Neuhaus; "The Contribution of John Courtney Murray, S.J.: A Catholic perspective" by William R.

Jason W. Moore – World-Ecological Imaginations: Power …

Essays of particular interest to legal scholars include "Pope Leo XIII and a Century of Catholic Social Thought" by John Donovan, "A Contemporary Augustinian Approach to Love and Politics - Pope Benedict XVI's Deus Caritas Est" by William Collinge, "Modern Politics and Catholic Social Teaching" by David Cloutier, and "The Challenge of Religious Liberty" by Richard Buck.

Funny and absurd signs from around the world

Ruth Kruger to VitalAire Healthcare as Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Mandy Lowe to Toronto Rehabilitation Institute as Interim Director of Education
Dr. Jerry Maniate to St. Joseph’s Healthcare as Director of Medical Education
Robert Mitchell to eHealth Ontario as Vice President of Communications
Cheryl Taylor to Heart House Hospice as Director of Resource Development
Anand Varadan promoted to Vice President and General Manager at Amgen Canada Inc

October 25, 2011
Dr. John James Rickard (J.J.R.) Macleod (1876-1935) to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Terry Fox(1958-1981) to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Dr. Armand Frappier (1904-1991) to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Dr. Peter T. Macklem (1931-2011) to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Dr. John Dirks to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Dr. F. Clarke Fraser to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Julie McBrien to Director of Surgery and Maternal-Child at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital
Dr. Matthias Friedrich to cardiologist, researcher and director of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, Montreal Heart Institute
Domenic Pilla to President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Shoppers Drug Mart
Doug Currie to Minister of Health and Wellness (again) in Prince Edward Island
Sister Elizabeth Davis Inducted into the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador . . . Commitment to family, strong work ethic, determination to succeed, resiliency in the face of adversity, and the strong connection to the place we call home -- especially in the healthcare community—locally, provincially and nationally.
Frances Vardy Inducted into the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador . . . a driving force behind the arts and volunteer communities including Western Memorial Regional Hospital Foundation
Gail Paech to interim CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association.