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Rhetorical Analysis of Ipod Nano Advertising
This Ad looks like someone who really enjoys having an iPod and the person is expressing himself through dancing and the image also sends a wide range of information on an iPod. The AD shows someone who is dancing while listening to music from the iPod Nano and it also gives someone the idea that whoever is listening to it is having fun. The image is interesting since it captures the attention of the person seeing it one want to buy or possess one for themselves.
Thesis statement: Who is the audience and what is the message this ad is trying to portray?
The targeted audience is that of youths who love music and want to have fun through dancing from songs played by the iPod, the image also sends a message to dancers who would like to improve their dancing skills through listening to music from the iPod. The person dancing in the image depicts someone who is happy and this means that the image is trying to send a message that one can become happy through having an iPod.
This advert targets young people since mainly focuses on poking the music and videos button during the advert to draw the attention of youths since they are the ones who love music and entertainment so much. The message is very clear that through this advertisement the customer is bound to believe that with an iPod around they cannot be bored because the form of entertainment that it provide to them.

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Critically analysing the rhetoric context of an article could help us better apprehend the writer’s rhetoric moves as analytical readers, and attain useful techniques to improve as proficient writers.

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Your task is to do a rhetorical analysis of a political advertisement.
Two types of rhetorical analysis– Aristotelian Analysis, and Metaphor Analysis. Your paper can focus on one or both of these methods. Use whichever terms help you best explain the rhetorical strategies of the political ad. In your papers introduction, you will likely have to put the advertisement in context and explain the rhetorical situation of the ad.

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