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The relationship between religion and war in American history from colonial beginnings through Vietnam. The religious meanings of Americans at war; the mutually reinforcing influences of nationalism and religion; war as the norm of American national life; the concept of civil religion; biblical and messianic contexts of key U.S. conflicts.
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The relationship between literature and history.

How the great historians of ancient Greece, Rome, China, the Islamic world, and nineteenth-century Europe created modern historical method. How to evaluate the reliability of sources, both primary and secondary, and assess the relationship between fact and interpretation. Using historical method to make sense of our world today. Enrollment limited to freshmen. Preregistration required; see under Freshman Seminar Program. ,
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I work mainly in the field of Phenomenology and Philosophical Hermeneutics, but my interests include also the history of metaphysics, the relationships between philosophy and literature and some aspects of Analytic philosophy.
I am currently working on a book on Selfhood and a book on embodiment and the Lifeworld.

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