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Reflective practice is essential for nurses, as nurses are responsible for providing care to the best of their ability to patients and their families (NMC, 2008).

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It is essential for nurses to possess knowledge and understanding of transition.

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Nursing is a profession that is dominated by women at ninety-two percent (US Department of Labor) and is accurately characterized by its commitment to the care for individuals and the promotion of healthy living.

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The skills: Communication, Observation, Critical Thinking and Reflection involved within the nursing process in partnership with the patient will also be highlighted....

Reflection is the process of reviewing an experience in order to describe analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice (Reid 1993)....

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Understanding transition will help improve client care by teaching nurses how to assess for, and facilitate transition and develop health promotion initiatives....

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This piece of reflection will pay particular attention to the care I gave the patient in the form of instigating admission documentation, assessing their condition, instigating care plans and administration of any medications required....

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The patient was angry about having had an appointment with Richard which was 40 minutes late; in addition, the patient felt that Richard rushed the appointment and did not apologise for the lateness.Learning:On reflecting, Richard learnt that he needed to:Changes to practiceRichard decided to try a pilot to experiment with ‘catch up’ appointmentsHe also planned short appointments early in the morning, double appointments later in the day when possibleIn addition, he booked a ‘time management’ study day.Connect with the CodeRichard believed this reflective account could be related to: The process of reflection is based on considering:

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The patient in question was admitted to the Emergency Assessment Unit for surgical patients then transferred to the ward where I work as a staff nurse.

And how the incident, and the reflection has influenced personal learning and professional practice in relation to nursing care.

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With that in mind, the Roy Adaptation Model may be used as a guide for student nurses throughout their progression from student to healthcare professional....

Reflection is a process of making sense out of all life experiences in general and nursing practice in particular (Taylor B 2004).

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According to the American Nursing Association’s Code of Ethics, “The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unr...

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The gained knowledge, about nursing theories, through education and training enhances better outcomes for patients and caregivers, allows application of professional boundaries, and assists in decision making....