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Which brings me back to Jessie and Tony and Sam and Flora and their double jail wedding. The article gives no indication as to what Jessie and Flora did. Steal candy? Punch members of a rival girl gang? Solicit sex? But Tony and Sam didn’t care. Despite, or maybe because of, their lovers’ indiscretions, they insisted on marrying them right there in what would be considered by many, especially in 1912, the most shameful place on earth. They didn’t need them to be good girls. They were their girls. Love is not merely the domain of those who get your latte order right. It’s for everyone, everywhere, imperfect as one may be. A honeymoon in a jail cell is still a honeymoon.

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Her first attempt at redress was contacting The Times. Ms. Spira said she called the newspaper to request removal, and when her phone calls went nowhere, she wrote letters to the editor, asking, “Can you help a girl out?”

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Cream colored with red stripes, the coat had a cozy hood with a red tassel in back and buttons that were carved out of horn.
Wrap Kirsten’s red scarf around her neck, and help her strap on her ice skates—they have little cut-out hearts in their blades.

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