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There is a bit of grey area here, as each person defines good and bad in a different way.

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It's okay if you don't agree with what is listed
as good and bad, and by thinking about the impact for yourself, you will find you
have an even better grasp of Recombinant DNA.

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Herbert Boyer had expertise with restriction endonucleases and Stanley Cohen studied plasmids, and after meeting at a conference in 1972, the two decided to combine their research efforts. After preliminary experiments in 1973, the Cohen-Boyer team was able to cut open a plasmid loop from one species of bacteria, insert a gene from different bacterial species and close the plasmid. This created a recombinant DNA molecule-- a plasmid containing recombined DNA from two different sources. Next, they inserted the plasmid into bacteria and demonstrated that the recombinant DNA could be used by bacteria. The team had created the first genetically modified organisms.

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A year later, they would use this technique to insert a gene from a frog into bacteria, proving that it was possible to transfer genes between two very different organisms. The technology for creating these “molecular chimeras” was patented on December 2, 1980 (US Patent 4,237,224.) Below are a number of objects used in the Cohen lab during the recombinant DNA experiments.

SOME RECOMMENDED BOOKS ON THE DANGERS OF GENETIC ENGINEERING. Bill McKibben. Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age. NY: Henry Holt, 2003.

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Since 1959, scientists knew that bacteria contain extra loops of DNA called “plasmids” in addition to their chromosome. In nature, bacteria can swap these plasmids with one another, quickly transferring beneficial genes like those that code for antibiotic resistance. By the early 1970s, investigators had isolated several plasmids as well as special enzymes known as “restriction endonucleases” that work like scissors to cut open the loops of plasmids.