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Your videos are very helpful to me, and I’m still studying some of the essay lessons. I’m practising my writing task 2 and I have realise that I am not sure when to use can and could, shall and should, and will and would. Is there any rules of when to use these words. I hope to hear from you.

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The next video on my course is about the discussion essay. I’m filming it at the moment. After that I’ll do the advantage disadvantage essay. I’m really pleased you found the lesson on the opinion essay useful.
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There I was, barraged by faked moon landings allegations, and there was Brian, on TV, saying that it was possible that the moon landings were faked. I ended up spending more than three months, full-time, looking into moon hoax claims and evidence in the winter/spring of 2001, and I was on my own, without anybody’s help. That can be a perilous way to perform research, especially for an amateur. For a few days, I thought that , and I even had a couple-hour phone call with Bart. A couple of days later, I thought that I was mistaken and let Bart know it. Bart was undeterred, but Bart also suffered through some suppression events when somebody that he had something worth suppressing. When Ventura County sheriff’s , they did it because somebody high up thought that we had something worth stealing, probably more for study than anything else. We really did not have much worth stealing, but if they you do, it will be stolen anyway. Something like that happened to Bart, so he will likely never believe that he did not find the smoking gun of faked moon landings.

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