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As the growth continued, the potential for a major east-west railroad was being discussed. Several routes were planned, and many arguments were heard, and tensions grew between the North and the South. By the time the Pacific Railway Act was passed in 1862, it was obvious that the North exerted more pressure. Although President Lincoln first decreed that the railroad "standard gauge" was to be 5 feet (the California standard gauge), this was quickly over-ridden by Congress. The more common Union standard gauge of 4 foot, 8 1/2 inches was used, rather than the Southern states 5 foot gauge. Had the Pacific Railway been started many years before, the US would very likely have 5 feet as "standard gauge". Many years prior, the corruption in Congress and the "Wall Street Railroad", a consortium of wealthy investors, attempted to force the Northen standards and choices, but the Civil War may be accepted as what settled the issue.

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The main thesis of the story, Railroad Standard Time, is that people should never forget his roots and his beginnings no matter where they go.
all the major railroads set their clocks to a universal time standard and recognized the 5 railroad time zones

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