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Seems like only another government can do that. Can you name me a terrorist organization with the power to tax and inflate in order to pay for such fanciful weaponry? No, they have to get *most* of their money through trade.

Using My New York Times Articles On Airport Security To Work

New Westgate Mall Footage Highlights Need for TSA-like Security at US Shopping Malls

Taking My New York Times Articles On Airport Security To Work

But the real reason for this incident is that Minneapolis is quite a "destination" for underage girls. ... meaning that said underage girls are being trafficked there, lest there be any doubt.

* In , Obama : "I came to my Christian faith later in life."

What we should do is require that all largish electronic devices be put in a kind of trailer sticking out the back or towed behind the plane. People who want to work on their laptops could use a kind of cloning service for their data and use a Airline supplied laptop. Voila!

EDITED TO ADD (4/12):  suggests that the ban is because of a plot to hide explosives in iPads.

"The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself."

Foreign Contributions to Presidential Campaign:

Foreign campaign contributions are . In October 2008, Frank Gaffney of The Washington Times the following:

In February 2010, John C. Drew he had of Obama:

The answer does not lie in tweaking our defenses in airports but rather in taking the war to the doorsteps of the Islamists. That means ending the sanctuary for terror in Saudi Arabia, which finances two thirds of Islamic terror and actively propagates the most vile form of bloody Islam.

Even road deaths in the US for 2002 was over 40 000.

Liberals believe that hatred was kindled by America, just as America has kindled their hatred. Conservatives believe that Islamist hatred was kindled by Islam. The conservative view is grounded in history and is well documented while the liberal view is grounded in fantasy and treason.

Here’s why United Airlines banned girls with leggings from a flight

The weakest point of the Islamic jihad is its finances. Sever the connection between the oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi clergy and most of the terror campaign will whither on the vine.

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Entering the US with a laptop / phone / USB stick is a security risk

I've commented on-and-off of how the press uses terrorism as a marketing tool *and* with how politics uses it to "go for the gut" but this article pretty much puts it together.

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And we're doing exactly what the terrorists want.

First of all, it is highly unlikely there is a definable group of people we can call: "The terrorists". A terrorist is anyone who decides its okay to try and further his ends by targeting civilians.

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"Or to equate travel inconveniences with ... er ... death?"

Islam is a religion of hate which propagates a doctrine of hating and destroying non-Muslims. It has made war on non-Muslims most of its history until it was too feeble to do so in the 1600s. It's will to make war in service of religious imperialism has been revived by petrodollars, courtesy of the very infidels it hates and seeks to enslave or destroy.