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There are those who advocate racial profiling on the basis that discernible patterns of crime on the basis of race or ethnicity actually exist and that the probability of crime or at least certain kinds of crimes being committed is higher among certain racial segments of the population. They argue that on this basis, effective policing will involve the application of discretion by police officers with emphasis on crime prevention, thereby providing admissible basis for racial profiling. It is believed for instance in certain quarters that Blacks are more likely to be involved in car jacks, thefts and murder, Latinos in violence and Arabs in terrorism. Application of the laws of probability, they argue, will result in more effective crime prevention. However, those who are against racial profiling are of the opinion that it undermines the very basis of justice which is equality before the law and the rule that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. They further argue that discriminatory policing creates fear, hatred and distrust in the minds of those discriminated against and therefore undermines the confidence which ought to be reposed in law enforcement agents. Moreover, available statistical evidence does not lend credence to the assertion that racial profiling increases the effectiveness of crime prevention and control.

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We rely on the police to protect us from harm and promote fairness and justice in our communities. But racial profiling has led countless people to live in fear, casting entire communities as suspect simply because of what they look like, where they come from, or what religion they adhere to.

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