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Although racial profiling still occurs today, we are increasing becoming more just with this issue.

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3rd False Step: Do Not Use Broad Statements or You
Could Lose Your Way!
If your topic is too broad, it will make it difficult for you
to convey your paper's central idea within the boundaries of your
paper and make it difficult for your reader to understand your
essay's point.
Racial profiling is happening in the US.
The Right Step
Racial profiling in law enforcement is a despicable
issue in the United States, as evidenced in the cases of ...
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Thesis Statement
Why Are We On This Journey?
You will be able to define a thesis statement.
You will be able to identify three pitfalls to avoid when writing a thesis statement.
You will be able to explain why the thesis statement is a trail map for your essay.
Where Will a Thesis Statement Lead Us?
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Can you identify the thesis statement?
Can the reader identify how the essay will be organized?


The thesis statement contains the main ideas that controls the content of the essay.
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