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This includes, but may not be limited to, societal changes in America in terms of equality and racism, why racial bias occurs, examples of where it can be found in media, who is being favored and discriminated against, affects on the general public, and how it can possibly be solved.

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One primary example of such racial bias in the media is the reporting of minorities

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In addition to understanding the basic concepts of racial bias in the media, it is also crucial for one to comprehend that some believe racial bias does not exist, especially in the media, and why those people believe that.
It is important to understand racism and the history of racism before one can comprehend racial bias in mass media, says Stephen Balkaran, professor of African-American studies and coordinator of the Civil Rights Project at Central Connecticut State University.

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The two sides of an argument I will portray in this essay are; if all media forms are biased in some way or if some have a completely unbiased ideology.

To fully comprehend the extent of racial bias in media, one must become aware of several features that play into it.
Still today the media influences our mind, however many believe due to media bias and racial profiling will affect how “fair” their trial will be....

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Bringing economic disparity of an increasingly racial nature 17-4-2012 As you can see racial bias in media essay from the chart

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