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Organizers say will remain rooted in the same basic principles as the original Rachel’s Challenge initiative: Look for the Best in Others;Dream Big; Choose Positive Influences; Speak with Kindness and Start Your Own Chain Reaction.

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25-9-2012 · There are two main ways of doing it: 14-8-2017 · Early in 2017, Glenn launched an perfect essay format essay-writing contest that challenged high schoolers to analyze famous.

14-8-2017 · Early in 2017, Glenn launched an essay-writing contest that challenged high schoolers to analyze famous people from hist | iHeartRadio.

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Scholars such as Richard Dellamora have even argued that The Renaissance’s famous female characters are “phallic women,” or masculinized self-portraits of the artists (see 136-46). Normative Victorian femininity is difficult to locate within these essays.

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Walter Pater (Fig. 1) is known as the chief theorist of the Aesthetic movement. His essays laid out the serious and subversive ideas underpinning an art movement whose rebellion was enacted through an embrace of beauty and strangeness. Art historians today are not in the business of proposing to us controversial new ways of living and thinking; yet that is what happened in 1873, when Pater published his collection titled Studies in the History of the Renaissance. He used the art-historical essay as a platform to describe indirectly a lifestyle freed from Victorian conventionalities, especially those surrounding the human body. While many authors before Pater had used art history to meditate more broadly on modern values—most influentially, the art critic John Ruskin, promoting the moral worth of Gothic architecture—Pater puts his own unique spin on the practice. Though Pater has often been assimilated into an apparently normative group of Victorian essay writers that includes Ruskin and Matthew Arnold, this piece will highlight some of his more rebellious tendencies, describing how he critiques and even ironizes the scholarly tradition to which he contributes. His double vision is at once serious and transgressive, using the canon of Renaissance art to offer his own idiosyncratic impressions and to implicitly defend the right of others to experience a similar freedom.

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