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Ben Nadler is a Chicago based illustrator and writer with two new original graphic novels ready for consideration. His first graphic novel, Heretics! The Wondrous (And Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy came out with Princeton University Press in 2017. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration and has been making comics and graphic novels since. His online comic, Planet Street, was jury selected by the Society of Illustrators Comic and Cartoon Art Annual. Nadler has been working on an epic science fiction graphic novel, NEW TEXAS, since 2013 (partial manuscript available). Plus, a new original graphic novel FRANCHISE is also ready for consideration. For readers of Daniel Clowes’ Wilson, in FRANCHISE a famous fantasy writer is feeling at odds with his popular book series after the movie adaptions get critically panned. When he kills off one of his main characters in an act of rebellion it sets off a chain of events that lead him to realize the universe he created has immense effects on other people in his life.

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But good looks and sexual attractiveness are not the only things on which people are eager to trade. Professors are well aware that students have advantages over one another in all sorts of ways, including brains, talent, charm, wit, humor, and conversational skills. All these come into play in ordinary interactions, and all affect success not only in school but in life generally. This is why some famous dystopian satires (such as L.P. Hartley’s 1960 novel Facial Justice, or Kurt Vonnegut’s 1970 story “Harrison Bergeron”) envision societies that, in the name of achieving absolute equality, level the playing field through draconian measures designed to reduce everyone to the mediocre mean.

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Scott singles out others by name as well for opprobrium: Betsy DeVos, Charles Murray, and Robert P. George among them. These three are exponents of very different ideas. Lumping them as part of a right-wing anti-intellectual movement suggests that Scott has allowed herself to be carried away by her partisanship. Something like that seems to have happened as well in her characterizations of the Goldwater model legislation that is being considered in several states. Scott seems to think the legislation would impose restrictions on what professors teach. As Kurtz pointed out in his rebuttal, the legislation does nothing of the kind. It calls for public universities to be “content neutral” when setting rules for public expression of views. There should be one set of rules that applies equally to all sides.

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