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Mia WallaceSpoiler Alert: This review assumes you have seen Pulp Fiction.Love it or hate it, and most people love it, Pulp Fiction was probably the most influential movie made in the 1990s.

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Watching Pulp Fiction today requires distance from all the subsequent baggage—admirers and none-too-subtle copycats trying to do what Quentin Tarantino did originally out of ingenuity and creativity. In reverence of directors and films that he admires, Tarantino pays respect by allowing influence to incite new ideas instead of recycled ones. Through his personal style and penchant for involving prose, Tarantino makes post-modern innovation admirable in a modernist way. Dialogue remains his subject. Long strings of adeptly-written conversation are punctuated by the stories’ criminality and violence, and like a fleshy, weighty sentence, this punctuation only emphasizes the meaning. And yet, his efforts have wonderfully evolved into being about the talk that develops after the film, as moviegoers still engage in never-ending discussions about Pulp Fiction’s narrative, structure, and the methods through which the tale is told.

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Pulp Fiction was so hip and cool when it came out in 1994, it inspired countless imitators, and influenced other great movie-makers.This essay discusses: the use of violence; the comic dialogue, and the structure of Pulp Fiction.Perhaps a secret to the impact of Pulp Fiction is that most of the violence takes place in broad daylight.

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